Glanbia is an Irish multinational food production company supplying food products throughout the world. Their products span dairy and agribusiness and are used in over 100 countries.

Glanbia is committed to a green future with 10 facilities taking part in the “Bord Bia Origin Green programme” and 9 sites licenced with the Environmental Protection Agency adhering to strict conditions on how they can operate to protect the environment.

In keeping with Glanbias sustainable ethos, they built a state-of-the-art sustainable food processing plant. The materials used in the factory ensure that the building meets the highest standards helping to reduce its energy consumption.

Reference Image: StellaDoradus Booster Donor Antenna Installed Outside the Mater Private Hospital Building

The Challenge

The materials used to construct the facility are state of the art and excellent for driving down energy use, however, they also block mobile signals entering the building. As a result of these materials, part of the Glanbia building where offices were located had no access to mobile signals.

Glanbia was looking for a solution and contacted Novatel Communications’ experts who assessed the challenges and required outcomes in Glanbia.

The Client Requirements

Glanbia required a system that could address the following requirements:

  • The system needed to enable mobile signals within the office space to amplify all operator signals so that all staff and visitors to the office could make and receive calls and access data off their own phones working off their own data plan.
  • Glanbia was looking for a zoned scalable solution that could amplify mobile signals in specific areas of the building.
  • Glanbia is committed to sustainability and a green, low-energy system would be an advantage aligning with the sustainable ambitions of the company.
  • Cost-effective solution.

The Solution

Novatel assessed all of the requirements at the Glanbia facility and recommended the Stella Repeater solution to resolve the mobile signal problems within the building.

Stella Doradus Repeater System consisted of a mixture of 2 repeaters and 10 antennas which would enable signals throughout the offices.

Novatel carried out a site survey to plan and troubleshoot installation prior to commencing work.

Novatel engineers are specialised in their training to work in heavy traffic and busy live environments, we adapt to the requirements of the client and are able to install discrete systems with no disruption to business operations.

The system consisted of 2 mobile signal repeater units, and 10 internal antennas spread over two floors.

The Results

Reference Image: StellaDoradus Booster Donor Antenna Installed Outside the Mater Private Hospital Building

Seamless installation

Novatel carried out a very professional installation with no disruption to the office staff. Once the system was installed full mobile signal was achieved throughout the office area with antennas expertly distributed by Novatel to ensure signal was achieved in all required areas of the building.

Full signal in office area supporting all operator's network

The office went from no signal to a full mobile signal enabling all staff and visitors to communicate using their phones.

Green, Low Cost, Low Energy System

StellaDoradus Repeaters work as a passive DAS system so the repeater captures mobile signal from surrounding operator masts and distributes it throughout the building. The repeater unit uses the equivalent of a lightbulb to run, with the antennas using no energy. As the system requires virtually no energy to run it is a very sustainable solution to mobile signal problems. The system overall is very affordable and fully scalable, making the design adaptable to suit all budgets.


  • Client: Glanbia Manufacturing
  • Industry Sector: Manufacturing
  • Location: Kilkenny, Ireland
  • Building Type: Factory
  • Installed Equipment: Stella Doradus GSM Repeaters with a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) installation in a large food processing plant