As the car park is part of a hospital and patients who were attending as outpatients were required to remain in their vehicle until receiving a text to tell them their appointment time had now approached and they needed to go to reception, it was critical that the hospital provided a signal to the car park area.


Underground Car Park:

In this case, the underground car park had no mobile phone coverage for calls or data, this is a typical scenario for many underground car parks.


Novatel went on site and conducted a site survey using a professional signal analyser tool which we used to test for available networks, frequencies, and signal levels available in the area. Post the site survey, having gathered all the necessary data, we use an online design program that enabled us to design a customised solution that matched our clients’ requirements.

Novatel supplied and installed a ComReg-approved Stella Doradus GSM Repeater System. The system consists of External antennas which were installed on the outside of the building to receive the RF signal that is broadcast by multiple network operator towers in the area. We then used Industry grade DCA Class LSNH Cable to connect to the external antennas and bring a feed into the underground car park which is then connected to the Stelladoradus GSM Repeater Units which add amplification to each frequency for the incoming signal.

From the repeaters, we build out an internal network of seamless signal, this is achieved by using the same industry-grade cable and a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) which we installed throughout the area, the antennas broadcast the amplified signal giving full coverage for Voice Calls and Data.

Reference Image: StellaDoradus Booster Installed in the Car Park width= Reference Image: StellaDoradus Booster Installed in the Car Park - Image 2 width=

Equipment Used

  • Stelladoradus Dual-Band Repeater Units
  • Poynting External High Gain Antennas
  • Stelladoradus Indoor Panel Antennas
  • DCA Class Low Loss LSNH Cable