Novatel Communications, a leading provider of wireless communication solutions, recently helped a rural customer (the Killary Adventure Co.) achieve a faster and more reliable mobile broadband connection.

Many rural businesses struggle with poor mobile broadband connectivity, which affects their productivity and quality of life. They often face challenges such as frequent dropouts, slow speeds, or unstable signals that disrupt their internet access. That’s why Novatel Communications offers wireless broadband solutions that can enhance your internet connection and provide you with a fast-loading internet experience.


Killary Adventure Co. is a dynamic business that offers a range of exciting outdoor activities and experiences in rural Galway. With over 50 employees and hundreds of customers, the company relies on a fast and reliable internet connection to run its operations smoothly and efficiently. However, the company faced significant connectivity challenges due to its rural location and the lack of adequate landline infrastructure.

The landline connections available to the company were limited to a mere 10 Mbps, which was insufficient for its growing needs. Moreover, the projected National Broadband connection was not expected to reach the area until 2026, leaving the company in a frustrating and uncertain situation. The company urgently needed a robust, high-speed Internet solution that could support its current and future demands


The existing Teltonika RUTX12 (a dual modem 4G LTE router) provided a substantial improvement over the basic landline connection, delivering speeds of around 25Mbps. However, to support the expanding needs of a growing business, Killary Adventure Co. required an even more powerful solution.


Recognising the need for enhanced internet capabilities, Novatel introduced Killary Adventure Co. to the latest generation Teltonika RUTX14. This upgrade, complemented by an advanced aerial, promised to revolutionise the company’s online capabilities.

On the other hand, our solution for the RUTX12 Dual Modem 4G LTE Router enabled faster and more reliable internet connectivity for remote locations. We configured the router with a 4x4 MIMO Antenna, which splits the signal into four streams for each modem. Each modem connects to a pair of antennas from the XPOL-24 a high-gain directional antenna that improves signal quality and coverage. This way, each modem receives two streams of data from the XPOL-24, forming a 2x2 MIMO configuration. This setup maximizes the bandwidth and performance of the RUTX12 router, allowing it to handle multiple devices and applications. See reference image below.

Photo of Poynting XPOL-24 and the RUTX12 Dual-modem Router - as a mobile broadband connectivity solution here in Ireland. Distributed by Novatel Communications Ltd. - Mobile Signal Solution Provider and Router Seller in Ireland.
Image featuring the XPOL-24 in action with the RUTX12 Dual-modem 4G LTE Router. It has five Gigabit Ethernet ports, one of which can be configured as a WAN port. It has dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE features that enable wireless communication and data sharing with other devices. It has a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) feature that supports GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, and QZSS.


Novatel’s team worked closely with Shane Young, Owner and Director of Killary Adventure Co., to design & implement a customised system. Our team provided comprehensive support, from initial sales consultation to after-sales technical assistance, ensuring a seamless transition to the new setup.

Photo of a Poynting XPOL-2-5G and XPOL-24 installed up high on a pole. Also on the photo is a Teltonika Router connected to the Poynting Antenna.


The Teltonika RUTX14, with its upgraded aerial, exceeded expectations:

  • Speed Boost: Internet speeds soared to highs of 90Mbps, with a steady average of 65Mbps - a significant leap from the previous 25Mbps.
  • Impact on Business: This dramatic increase in internet speed has been a game-changer for Killary Adventure Co., allowing for more efficient operations and the ability to leverage digital tools effectively.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The proactive and efficient customer service from the Novatel team ensured a hassle-free installation and continued support.


The Teltonika RUTX14, expertly implemented and installed by Novatel, has transformed the internet capabilities of Killary Adventure Co. in rural Galway.

This is an absolute testament to how the right technological solutions, coupled with outstanding customer service, can significantly impact a business’s growth and efficiency.

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Photo of Shaney Young Testimonial - Click on the Testiional Link To Read the Full Details..
Note: This case study is based on a client testimonial and reflects the specific experience of Killary Adventure Co. with Novatel’s services and the Teltonika RUTX14.