Iconic Offices is Ireland’s leading flexible workspace provider, driven by a passion to create an innovative workspace for progressive companies. An Irish-founded and owned business, they combine local knowledge, and years of industry expertise to design unique workspaces with premium service and IT, that allows businesses to focus on their work and grow. Workspaces range from 1 to 900 desks, so you can take a desk for a day or entire custom floors for a global HQ.

The Challenge

The Lennox Building has been designed with the well-being and productivity of its members at its core. In recognition of their commitment to workplace wellness, they were recently awarded a WELL v2 GOLD Certificate, which advances health and well-being in buildings globally.

The Lennox Building offers private offices, coworking spaces, meeting rooms, sound-proof booths, and breakout areas. Biophilic design, a rooftop garden terrace, state-of-the-art lighting, temperature and air control, along with floor to ceiling windows all help our members feel and perform their best.

Situated in a prime central location, The Lennox Building mixes inspiring interiors with modern, high-end design. As a member, you can avail of communal areas designed for networking and collaboration, a fully stocked kitchen, shower facilities, and on-site bike and car parking. Key transport hubs are located nearby such as the Luas and main bus routes.

The super-efficient structure is built with sustainability and creativity in mind. The building itself is an invitation to entrepreneurs and business people to think big and be inspired

The building is so well constructed that the natural signal outside did not penetrate into the building inside, therefore resulting in a lack of signal for the whole building

The Solution

Novatel Communications provided a turnkey professional install and carried out the following:

  1. Site survey.
  2. System planning and design, skillfully tailored to the structure of the building and the client’s requirements.
  3. Professional, and time-efficient installation.

The Results

Iconic Lennox Building Installed with StellaDoradus Mobile Signal Repeater System by Novatel Communications Limited.
Iconic Lennox Building Installed with StellaDoradus Mobile Signal Repeater System by Novatel Communications Limited.
  • Seamless & Efficient Installation

    Novatel carried out a very professional, efficient installation and once the system was installed, full mobile & internet signals were achieved. No matter what phone the staff or visitors are using, or what network they are on, voice calls, texts and data are all working, so they never have to miss a call or an opportunity.

  • Full Voice And Data Signal Supporting All Operators’ Network

    The office building went from no signal to a full mobile signal, enabling all staff and patrons to communicate using their phones hassle-free. Imagine being able to carry on with your business as usual and not have to worry about missed or dropped calls and buffering connectivity!

  • Added Security

    For events, workshops, meetings, and seminars, Iconic do not have to offer their wifi key to the attendees - helping to secure their network.