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Model: MISC-99
MIMO3-Series Mounting kit  White Plastic Spare parts..
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Model: F300
The Tenda F300 features a Wireless-N speed, which is fast enough to share and stream multi-media files across your local area network. A wireless-n speed can take up to 300Mbps of wireless speead. It has a simple but effective wireless encryption protocol using WPA2 - with the use of optional Pre-Sh..
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It's an SMA Male to SMA Female Cable (SMA Female / SMA Male). Good quality coaxial (aka coax) cable for outdoor or indoor cable runs. Please choose a sub-type and length from the Cart Options. Cable Type Options: HDF-195: It's a coaxial cable supplied by Poynting, which you can use for antenna in..
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20-25cm (depends on what's in stock) long pigtail cable for your antenna installation needs. Good for DIY projects and quick fixes. Cable Type Options: RA-SMA Male to MCX Male (CAB-156) RA-SMA Male to MMCX Male (CAB-157) RA-SMA Male to U.FL Male (CAB-158) RA-SMA Male to RP-SMA Male(CAB-160)..
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Model: MISC-101
PUCK-Series Mounting kit  White Plastic Spare parts..
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Model: MB-LSHAPE-GALV-38X340X700
If you are looking for a sturdy and versatile bracket to mount your cellular antennas, look no further than our mounting bracket kit. This kit features a robust, elongated bracket made of 4 mm thick steel and welded pipe of 38mmm diameter. Quick Features Galvanized Steel: The whole construction is ..
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