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17 Nov Mobile Signal Solution For Campus
Gary 0 853
University campuses are large sprawling areas which consist of a number of very different buildings and a variety of people, all with different communication requirements. Lecturers in the lecture hal..
17 Nov Mobile Signal Solution For Government Offices & Institutions
Gary 0 810
Mobile phones have revolutionized the way work is done in every business and they are especially necessary in the civil service government departments. From filling in forms, data collection to scanni..
17 Nov Mobile Signal Solution For Healthcare Institutions
Gary 0 804
Boosting Cellular Coverage in Healthcare Facilities Hospitals/ Primary Care Units / Rehabilitations Centres/ Private Clinics. Access to good mobile signal coverage in healthcare facilities enhances pa..
17 Nov Mobile Signal Solution For Homes
Gary 0 1202
Stella Home Solutions On average, people spend 5 hours a day on their mobile phones. Phones are an integrated part of managing all aspects of our daily lives, from the time we get up in the morning to..
17 Nov Mobile Signal Solution For Hotels
Gary 0 840
When choosing a hotel to stay in, clients may have several concerns. Proximity to the city centre, the star rating, the size of the room and more. But one of the most important deciding factors is how..
17 Nov Mobile Signal Solution For Manufacturing Facilities
Gary 0 802
Modern factories need high quality mobile signal in order to be competitive, professional and allow cutting edge mobile applications to function. The structure of modern factories include concrete wal..
17 Nov Mobile Signal Solution For Marine
Gary 0 862
Your mobile connection partner at sea. Quality voice and data is essential for staff working on ships when they are either at sea or in port. In the modern world, mobile data is used for communicating..
17 Nov Mobile Signal Solution For Offices & Buildings
Gary 0 1075
With more than 90% of the world’s population using mobile phones for calls, everyday business, financial transactions, supply chain and manufacturing solutions, it is important to ensure that faciliti..
17 Nov Mobile Signal Solution For Retail
Gary 0 786
Shopping centres are huge sprawling buildings that accommodate a variety of businesses including retail shops, entertainment and supermarkets as well as large numbers of visitors. Both visitors and st..
17 Nov Mobile Signal Solution For Underground Carparks
Gary 0 791
Underground car parks can be large sprawling areas over multiple levels, usually located underground. As they modernize to accommodate up-to-date equipment and work practices, mobile signal is require..
17 Nov Mobile Signal Solution For Vehicles
Gary 0 840
For the highly competitive transport industry to stay ahead, it must avail of the smartest communication technology. It is essential that vehicles have high quality mobile signal to access maps, postc..
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