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Professional Sales & Installations

We have a sales policy of no push, no nonsense, and no confusing tech sales jargon. People who come to Novatel either have a problem to solve, an idea to capitalise on, an existing system to improve on or replace, are experiencing growth and need to expand communications, or have systems deployed that need remote monitoring management. Whatever the reason, we are here to take your call and provide you with first-class service, honest recommendations/feedback, a trustworthy & reliable high-performance solution, and an installation that will provide seamless calls and data to even the most challenging of locations and environments.

We Listen

First and Foremost we listen! We ask our customers the questions that matter and we gather the intel so that we can offer a solution that will solve their connectivity issues immediately. Our years of experience give us the expertise that we can identify the issue and offer the perfect solution in a very timely manner. We know the right questions to ask, the right solution to offer and in the event of a complex or an out-of-the-ordinary scenario, we have the right partners to consult.

We Gather Info

We gather info on the building, vehicle, boat, location, and customers preferred budget, and then we tailor a proposal/solution to match their needs.

Selling is something that we do not DO, it is a professional process and is how we facilitate and meet the needs of our customers. The responsibility is on our sales advisors (who are an amazing team) to lead the process, by putting the customer first throughout the sales cycle, there is never the need for a “hard sell” the customer will have enough information and knowledge of what the solution is, to make an informed decision to purchase. If the customer does not purchase, that is respected and received with thanks as more often than not in the future we will do business.

A sale is not seen as “lost” if someone chooses not to proceed, it is simply an opportunity to remain as a respected and knowledgeable supplier within our industry, referrals and future business is key to our continuous growth and it is our genuine efforts to solve peoples connectivity problems that we are one of the top distributors in Ireland for the brands we represent.

We Take Time Explaining

We take our time in explaining to you, why we recommend a certain product, informing you with a level of information that is relevant to your ask, and not bombarding you with tech words and phrases that mean little to nothing to you. We invite you to engage in the process of understanding your needs more, and then matching them with the perfect choice of products, a professional installation (if required) and

Why Choose Novatel?

The reason that Novatel Communications is the choice for thousands of customers, is our attitude, knowledge, experience & skill.

We thoroughly understand:

  • The Market
  • The Issues
  • The Products
  • The Solutions

We invest in the constant upskilling of our team, we engage with leaders in the industry who we learn from, and partner with exchanging skill sets and ideas in synergistic relationships, We are focused on one outcome, the benefits and added value that we can provide to our clients.

Professional Installation

Choosing the right product is essential to achieving the desired solution of an enhanced connectivity result.

However, the installation is where the real expertise comes into play, the installation determines the level of performance that you will receive from the products. If poorly installed, then performance will suffer, in some cases dramatically, and will continue to deteriorate over time. Radio Frequency is a specialist area which requires experience, skill and knowledge. Every Novatel installation regardless of size is approached professionally, not just adhering to but surpassing our high installation standards.

Design & Planning Experts

Expert design and planning, seamless logistic coordination, and health and safety management all encompass our installations procedure and SOPs which we hold to very high standards, leaving every home, site, and installation clean and safe, with no unsightly cables or equipment unnecessarily in view hiding as much as the system will allow without affecting performance. Our Engineers are trained to robust levels of competency, with a senior engineer on every Job and not in an advisory capacity but an installations capacity, we roll up our sleeves and get the job done right the first time.

Challenges we can overcome with no stress or negativity, we are in the business of solving problems and overcoming challenges so we tackle every situation with critical thinking, logical problem-solving mindset, and common sense. We evaluate every job with precise planning measures, we apply a flexible set of controls to manage the installation process to achieve maximum performance from every product installed. We will not rest until we have solved every problem, addressed every challenge, and can leave the job with the confidence that the customer experiences premium service, performance and aftercare.

Experienced Team

Our experience includes turnkey installation services to:

  • Healthcare, Hospitals including Hospice, Community Care Homes, Nursing Homes, Medical Centres, and Practices
  • Educational Schools, Universities, Training Colleges
  • Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, and Industrial Plants
  • Hospitality, Hotels, Restaurants, and Bars
  • Swimming pools and Leisure Centres
  • Monasteries & listed buildings
  • Office and Apartment Blocks
  • Showrooms and Retail
  • Domestic Home Owners
  • Distilleries
  • Car Parks

Planning & Design Services

Novatel offers professional planning and design services for Mobile Phone Repeater Systems and WiFi Systems. Using the latest in industry standard software technology coupled with a team of engineers who are specifically trained in using the design software, Novatel can produce accurate network designs which include construction markups and cable routes, heatmaps, output maps and BOM. Contact us!

Pro-Monitoring and Maintenance Service Agreements

Novatel in partnership with Stella Doradus offers a Pro-monitoring package for Enterprise Systems. This cloud-managed solution provides ongoing expert monitoring and analysis of your i-Repeaters

Benefits and Features of Pro-monitoring:

  • Firmware is kept up to date
  • StellaDoradus/Novatel manages the repeater
  • StellaDoradus /Novatel monitors Alerts and is forewarned of any potential issues
  • Full remote technical support from Stella engineers at any time before, during, and after installation
  • With Pro-Monitoring, the warranty is increased to 5 years. (The monitoring fee must be paid every year for 5 years for warranty extension)
  • Hot Swap: If any device is faulty, Stella will send a replacement immediately and only when this replacement is installed, do we ask for the faulty one to be returned


Included in your Pro-Monitoring Package are:

  • Item(s)
  • ProWarranty
  • Standard warranty
  • Includes Hot Swapping
  • Covers any damage to the amplifier (including lightning strikes)
  • Covers any damage to the amplifier (not including lightning strikes)

We have various maintenance service agreements and monitoring packages available on FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) Cellular Routers and WiFi Distribution Systems. We can also tailor these packs to meet your individual requirements.

All of our Teltonika Routers and Gateways come with 1 month of Free RMS (Remote Monitoring Service). Our engineers can then continue to manage your remote monitoring service for you or you can take it over yourself. Novatel offers entry-level training and support that will put you in control of your network and communications.

VPN Services are offered as an add-on service to the RMS, enhancing your network’s protection, and controlling your traffic and devices from one easy platform. You can now manage all of your routers and gateways, starting from as little as One device into thousands of devices, all of which can be deployed in any location anywhere in the world, you now have complete access and control from your mobile/desktop device. Simplify your communications with next-generation technology customised and presented with the Novice user in mind. Let the technology do the work, so you can get on with business.


Our systems are scalable, we can offer a simple solution of 1-3 items that will solve a certain issue either for mobile phone calls, cellular broadband or wifi distribution, cellular connectivity of sensors, mobile devices, automated systems, wireless displays, any product that needs to “talk back” “communicate to” “report” we have the antennas, amplifiers, routers, switches, access points to make the communication effortless.

The solution can then be easily scaled, to cover multi-story and complex large buildings. If the budget requires a phased approach then that is no problem, sitting with our team, together we can create a planned, scaled approach that works for you and your budget,


Do you have a project that you would like to finance? No problem, once you have an existing Irish Vat number for your current business, company we can discuss the opportunity for you to push all or part of out onto a financing agreement, with manageable repayments that you can choose to pay monthly or quarterly. This easy-to-set-up process keeps your cash flow flowing and your business communicating.

Talk to us to find out more.