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Professional, Fast and Affordable TV Mounting Service in Ireland

If you're looking for a professional TV mounting service in Cork, Kerry, Limerick & Tipperary, at a very reasonable price, then you're in luck! You came to the right place on the Internet.

Image: TV Mounted on the Wall

So, you’ve done all your research and decided to order a 55" (or probably even bigger) 4K TV, or possibly even an 8K TV. Now, you've just finished unboxing it and started to ponder on what's next? Mount it on the wall, but how?

You might wonder where should be the best place to mount it, how high should it be, what types of brackets would work, what size screws or bolts do I need and among other things?

For some, they might think of this task to be quick and simple, as fixing a cup of Cappuccino, well it's not, especially not for the faint of heart.

Simple as you might think, but there are Dos & Donts when installing a TV, such as putting it near a heat source like a radiator or fireplace. That said, Novatel Team is here to help professionally mount your Television and help you avoid the common mistakes of installing it.

Also, you need to have the proper tools or equipment to complete this task professionally. Sure you can improvise, but we're talkng about professional tv mounting service here. So, you can leave it to the expert, call Novatel.

Why Mount a TV on Wall or Ceiling

But, why mount a TV on wall, ceiling and etc? Obvious reason why, is to give you more space, better view, elegance & minimalist look, neat and tidy (all cables will be carefully hidden). In addition, it prevents children and pets from their reach.

About Novatel

Novatel Communications (Co. Cork based Company) is expert in the TV mounting/installation, and satellite tv industry. With over 20-years experience and countless happy clientele, you can expect a professional job at very affordable price.

Our team of higly-trained and experience installation engineer will install your TV and additional equipment such as sound system, Android Boxes, Free to Air Systems, SKY Boxes, regardless of the model, make, or size. Our team only work with finest quality materials available in the industry.

Our confidence is a result of our large volume of satisfied repeat customers throughout Cork, Kerry, Limerick & Tipperary.

Why Choose Novatel

Novatel is an independent installations company (not affiliated with any TV retailers in Ireland) who can provide top-notch services at a very reasonable price. That said, our experienced team of engineers/technician can help you connect all existing equipment, not just putting your TV on wall, but also includes; DVD, SKY, Surround Sound Systems, Free To Air, Freesat, Media Center PCs, Android TV Boxes, HTPC, Home Entertainment and business systems giving 24-hours non-stop entertainment channels from around the world - all for once off cost, no monthly bills.

Installation includes:

  • The Wall Mounting of your Television
  • The Supply of Flat, Tilt, Full-Motion Brackets (cantilever/swivel)
  • Television Setup & Tuning
  • Surface Routing of Cables To Designated Components
  • If you need in-wall concealed cabling, please enquire

We work on all TV sizes, models and known brands in the market today which includes, Samsung, Sony, LG, TCL, Insignia, Vizio, and a lot more.

Mounting Types: Choosing the right TV mount for you

There are various types of TV mounting brackets, each features a unique function and design that sets the stage of a neatly mounted television with no-visible cables and cords. The most popular type of bracket is the wall-mount bracket. They are commonly made from reinforced steel and durable frames. The mounting holes of your TV exactly matches the holes on these brackets where you can anchor the TV on to the wall or probably on ceiling too - generally known as VESA Mounts.

Below are the main types of a TV wall mount brackets:

  • Fixed Brackets: The simplest solution to mount a TV on the wall is using one of the so-called Fixed Brackets or low-profile bracket. These brackets are strong enough to mount your TV on a fixed position. No tilt down or up, no screen angle. The down side of this is that, you don't have the convenience of inserting or removing cables or add-on devices on the back of your TV, you have to remove it from the wall first and attach everything you need, then put it back again.

  • Tilting Brackets: This is your one-level-up upgrade from the fixed bracket type mounts. These allow up or down (vertical) adjustment to your viewing angle when needed. Enjoy better viewing experience with everyone, with your kids, or even pets. Please do note, however, that these bracket type doesn't allow you to angle your TV left or right.

  • Full-motion Brackets: This type is often describe as an Extending, Articulating, Swivelling, and full-motion bracket, that lets you hold your TV to the wall. In addition to this fundamental function, you can extend the bracket arm outwards, pulling away your TV from the wall. It comes very handy when you need to insert some cable on the back of your TV. You can swivel your TV up or down with it until you get that perfect viewing angle.

Ceiling TV Mounts

If you have a limited wall and floor space, then an overhead mounting system or ceiling brackets can be your best solution. Book for a mounting service from us and we'll professionally install one for you at a reasonable cost. You can place any television size with it, in a large room like conference rooms and classrooms, boutiques, offices, showrooms and malls.

It's an ideal choice if you want greater visibility and viewing angle from every direction in any room.

Book Now

Call 222 3440 now to book for a TV Mounting Service in Ireland. We provide service in Cork, Kerry, Limerick & Tipperary.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any further enquiries and clarifications.