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Irish Operators and Frequencies

Know What Frequencies Used By What Network Group:

  • 4G (LTE) is either at 800, 1800 or 2600MHz.
  • 3G (AKA WCDMA) is either at 900 or 2100MHz
  • Voice is always at 900MHz As of November, 2020, GSM voice is either at 900 or 2100MHz, depends on your region or operator.

Frequency Band Supported By StellaDoradus Boosters

You can refer to this table to know the band number counterpart for each frequency band used in Ireland.

Exhibit 1 Exhibit 2
800MHz LTE 4G (LTE) 800, 1800 or 2600MHz
900MHz GSM/UMTS 3G (WCDMA) 900 or 2100MHz
1800 MHz GSM/LTE or GSM/UMTS GSM 900MHz or 2100MHz
(1800MHz in other countries)
2100 MHz UMTS

2600MHz (used in other countries) LTE

Frequency BandBand No.Used For
800MHzBand 204G LTE
900MHzBand 8Calls/SMS, 3G
1800MHzBand 34G LTE, Calls/SMS
2100MHzBand 1Calls/SMS, 3G
2600MHzBand 74G LTE
Used ForFrequency Band
Voice900MHz or 2100MHz
(1800MHz in other countries)

3G Data900MHz or 2100MHz
4G LTE Data800MHz or 1800MHz (2600MHz is used in other countries)

Irish Operators and Frequencies

Frequencies mentioned in this section can be handled by StellaDoradus Boosters. Please note, in the north of Ireland, O2 and Vodafone use 900MHz for voice while 800MHz for 4G. EE, T-Mobile and Orange uses 1800MHz for 2G and 4G. All operators use 2100MHz for 3G.

DISCLAIMER: We do not warrant the accuracy of this data, since they are pulled from 3rd-party data provider. All data on this page is subject to change without notice. .

Mobile Network Brand Actual
Network Provider
2G/GSM 3G 4G
Three Three
900/2100MHz 800/1800MHz
O2 Three 900/2100MHz 900/2100MHz 800/1800MHz
Vodafone (formerly Eircell)
900/1800MHz (GPRS) 2100MHz
800/1800MHz LTE, LTE-A
GSM-900/1800MHz (GPRS, EDGE) 900/2100MHz
800/1800MHz LTE
Tesco Mobile O2 GSM 900/1800MHz

eMobile Meteor GSM 900/1800MHz WCDMA 2100

Signal Boosters for Homes

Using the information given above, you should now know which devices that can work for your needs. Find below booster models that matches the frequency you are receiving.

Model (Coverage: ~4 Rooms)Booster ForFrequency (MHz)Price €
(inc. VAT)
Calls and Text Messaging 900420.06
RP-L LTE Data Only 800420.06
RP-D LTE Data Only 1800420.06
RP-H LTE Data Only 2600420.06
RP-W3G Data Only2100420.06
Calls/Text & 3G Data900 / 2100652.22
RP-GDCalls/Text & LTE Data900 / 1800652.22
RP-DWLTE Data & 3G Data1800 / 2100652.22
Calls/Text & LTE Data800 / 900652.22
RP-GDWCalls/Text + LTE Data + 3G Data900 / 1800 / 2100884.38
Calls/Text + LTE Data + 3G Data800 / 900 / 2100884.38
Calls/Text + 3G Data + LTE Data800 / 900 / 1800 / 2100 / 26001474.63
SD-LCD-LGDWCalls/Text + 3G Data + LTE Data800 / 900 / 1800 / 2100949.31