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By Corporate Client

The repeater is a great job.

Went from a 16th century castle with 6-foot thick walls and zero mobile coverage to playing Youtube over 4G in the cellars and public areas.

Was kind of apprehensive at first but the actual installation was pretty easy.

By Anonymous, May 16th, 2024

The feedback provided herein is from a valued corporate client who has chosen to remain anonymous. We respect their privacy and appreciate their candid insights.

By Becky Kealy

Unmatched Connectivity with the Wireless Fixed Broadband Solution.

In the fast-paced world of pharmaceuticals, every second counts, and connectivity is key. I am eager to share my stellar experience with the Wireless Fixed Broadband Solution, featuring the Teltonika RUTX50 and the Poynting XPOL-24 antenna.

As someone who frequently engages in data-intensive research and virtual collaboration with colleagues across the globe, I found the Teltonika RUTX50 to be a revelation. Its intuitive setup and robust performance seamlessly integrated into my demanding workflow. But the true breakthrough came with the addition of the Poynting XPOL-24 antenna, which elevated my home office to a connectivity powerhouse.

The difference was night and day—data transfers that once took hours were now completed in minutes, and video calls with international teams became crystal clear. The reliability and speed have not only boosted my productivity but also ensured that I can easily meet critical deadlines.

This Wireless Fixed Broadband Solution isn’t just a tool; it’s a pillar of support for my professional endeavors. It’s allowed me to focus on what matters most—innovating for better health outcomes.

Becky KealyPharma Professional | May 4th, 2024

By Killary Adventure Co.

Dear Novatel Team,

I wanted to give you some feedback on my recent purchase of the latest generation Teltonika RUTX 14 which is the upgrade on the Teltonika RUTX 12 I have had for the last 2 years. It has been a marked improvement and thanks for all the help in getting it up and running. Your customer service has been brilliant from the initial sales to any after sales support.

The difference in speeds has meant a big difference to our speeds. Our land line connections where we are based is limited to 10Mbps (that’s not a typo). With the RUTX12 we were happy to be getting speeds in and around the 25Mbps as this was a huge increase. When the RUTX14 became available we went for this package.

With upgraded aerial and router, we have been seeing highs of 90Mbps with a steady average of 65Mbps. For where we are based in rural Galway this is game changing speeds.

We are running a business with over 50 employees and we have a letter from National Broadband saying we will be connected in 2026! Without The RUTX 14 and the Novatel team we would be in serious trouble.

Many thanks for your help in both designing the system and providing technical support for installation if and when required.

ShaneYoung (Owner/Director), Killary Adventure Co. (August 24th, 2023)

By Treacy P.

5G Quality is Outstanding in Rural Areas

I live in rural Ireland 5 miles from the nearest town, I am on the list to be upgraded to Fibre, but the NBI website is saying December 2025 or Jan 2026 for the upgrade.

I recently purchased Teletonika TRB500 & Poynting XPOL-2-5G antenna on the advice of Novatel and I am so happy with my decision. The 5G quality is outstanding, and it has exceeded my expectations in every way.

I have not installed the antenna yet as I need a hoist to do so safely, but just out of the box I’m getting over 100Mbps Download & 30Mbps Upload.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone in rural Ireland looking for good reliable broadband. Niamh from Novatel was very helpful in providing the information and more importantly the available equipment and options available.

Treacy P. (March 20th, 2023)

By Steven L.

Very professional Company

Firstly, thank you for the wonderful service and advice I have received from you and your company, including the very knowledgeable technician I spoke to one day (can’t remember his name).

I was unable to find a local technician to connect my antenna – so decided to do it myself – I placed it high on the wall, outside the house, in the direction of my 4g mast, brought the cable into the attic, and connected it there to the Eir router.

In the main I am delighted: average daytime speeds went from 10mbps to 25 mbps and upload as high as 20mbps. In the evening the speed drops to 10mbps which is still 3 times faster than I had. On a few occasions, the download speed has hit the dizzying height of 40 Mbps.

So the Poynting XPOL-2-5G antenna clearly does the job and it is amazing! I really wonder why my local council and their broadband unit did not know of this – they told me I was in a black spot due to the woods.

Steven L. (January 27th, 2023)

Niamh Kelly

Recommended to us and now we're recommending in turn!

Novatel came highly recommended by one of our colleagues when we were scoping setting up a home office in the West of Ireland.. and their recommendation wasn't wrong! The service has been fantastic - from the initial interaction with the CEO about our requirements to the swift processing and dispatch of our order.. not to mention the organisation of an installer local to us.... it has been a very easy process every step of the way. We're delighted to recommend them ourselves!

Niamh Kelly (October 24th, 2022)

By Michael M.

5 Star service, very friendly and helpful, next day delivery within Ireland and the best place to get quality networking solutions. I needed to return an item to swap for another and they were happy to help.

Michael M., Donegal (11-07-2022)

By Fiachra Cooke

I would like to say that we have had stunning 50-100 Mbps broadband throughout the entire house since Frank’s visit on Thursday.

I am hopeful that this will sort out our internet connectivity once and for all. I would like to thank you all most sincerely for the professionalism, courtesy, and expertise with which you operate your business.

We have been in an internet black hole since 2014 and even worse since moving back into the renovated Green Rushes in March 2020.

It looks like we may have just arrived in the 21st century.

A thousand thanks. I will sing your praises from on high.

Fiachra Cooke, Waterford (09-27-2022)

By John Redmond

Awesome product with helpful service. Even for a small buyer that just wants a powerful wifi system for a one-off camper-van.

John Redmond (09-20-2022)

By Cllr. John Paul O'Shea

I want to say a big thanks to Sharon and all the team Novatel Buttevant for providing me with much improved broadband over last few weeks.

As we wait for the rollout of the National Broadband Plan, there are options there for you.

I had 3MB before this and now over 30MB. It has made a huge difference!

Highly recommend Novatel Communications for their exceptional service.

It was my pleasure lads. I really don't know myself since I got it in! My Internet hasn't dropped once since where usually it would drop out a dozen times a day. Thank you again!

Cllr. John Paul O'Shea, County Cork (08-19-2022)

By John Cleere

Genuine service!

First of all, someone (Sharon) answered the phone immediately: Do you know how rare that is these days?

I had access to all the sales info and pricing up front, and there was an engineer (Frank) that came on the phone for any tech information that was needed.

There and then, they went online, checked my house location (via eircode) found the nearest appropriate telephone mast, sent me a map of where the mast is so I could check line of sight, and I was sorted, all in ten minutes.

You see, this is the type of both friendly and professional service that people would pay for without hesitation.

By John Cleere, Enniskerry (08-18-2022)

By Anonymous

I had one bar of 4G reception outside my remote cottage. First I bought the repeater and kit, which comes with a general antenna. This gave me 1 to 2 bars of 4G inside my house. This was great as preciously I'd had no 4G and only a tiny bit of 3G phone reception inside my house. Then I tried a directional antennae from Novatel. This has given me 3 out of 4 bars of 4G and 4 out of 4 bars of 3G, inside my house. Novatel has enabled me to work from home. It's quite simply amazing. I never thought this would be possible. I don't need to live in the city to work now. Life changing stuff. Making rural living sustainable and possible.

By Anonymous (04-01-2022)

By Kathleen B.

Sharon & the rest of the Novatel Team, Thank you for your quick turnaround.

The antenna is now mounted, the kit connected and now I have a good mobile phone signal in my house. Happy bunny.

By Kathleen B. (09-24-2021)

By Jordan Harrisson

I highly recommend Novatel - I switched to hardware recommended by Niamh from a terrible wireless line of sight broadband provider and what a difference. Great hardware and excellent customer service!

By Jordan Harrison (07-07-2021)

By Myles Sweeney

Hi Niamh, thanking you for speedy delivery of phone repeater last week. Arrived 24 after being ordered. Fitted on Wednesday. Total success. Great solution in this scenario - foil backed insulation and triple glazing.

By Myles Sweeney, Donegal (05-14-2021)

By Brian

We occupied a new Headquarter premises in mid January 2021. On arrival it was discovered that there was no mobile signal in about 95% of the building and the Wi-Fi signal was patchy. We were beset with communications issues on all fronts. StellaDoradus equipment and Novatel Communications were recommended as a possible route to a solution. Niamh discussed all the issues, conducted an extensive remote signal test, advised about mobile signal tower locations and recommended equipment solutions. Frank and the Team installed the equipment in a no fuss professional manner, and now we have full mobile and wi-fi coverage throughout the premises. The service on all fronts was brilliant and I have no hesitation in recommending both the mobile signal solution and Novatel Communications.

By Brian Gillen, Civil Defence Officer

By Conor

Just a quick note of thanks for the excellent job you guys did helping me to get setup with WiFi/Internet at home. As we are in a very rural location in south tipp our options in terms of providers and solutions to get connected were very limited and we tried numerous different paths but all to no avail. As you can imagine with the onset of COVID-19 and the need for greater flexibility in terms of home schooling and working from home, not having an Internet/WiFi connection was a big problem. Thanks again for the great customer service and the on-site installation was a real help, Frank was excellent and I really appreciated him walking me through everything.

Thank Again.

By Conor - South Tipperary (09-09-2020)

By Tim - Galway

Frank was great and the improvement in WiFi is very noticeable. Video calls work great and data transfer no issue. Also the weather yesterday was absolutely atrocious (bucketed down all day) and it did not seem to impact the service at all. So all good and I have switched off my Satellite service.

Tim - Galway (09-09-2020)

Provided Solution:

By F. Murphy

Since I moved to the cottage here in the Wicklow mountains several years ago I have struggled with very poor mobile phone signal. I have just had Novatel install a Stelladoradus GSM Repeater System and I am delighted with the improved quality of my phone signal and the very neat installation of the system. For the first time I am now able to make and receive mobile calls in the house as before I needed to go outside to use my mobile phone. Also the quality of the signal is now crystal clear and much better than before when I needed to go outside as even then my calls would often be dropped - but that is all now a thing of the past. It has been a pleasure dealing with Novatel Communications and the quality of their service and installation has been excellent and friendly.

I selected the Stelladorus system as it was very important to me to have a high quality product, made in Ireland that is Comreg approved and Stelladoradus ticked all the boxes for me.

My thanks to Novatel Communications for all their help through the process of the selection to the installation of this system.

F. Murphy - Wicklow (08-04-2020)

By Janet

Just to say a big thank you. The SD-RP1002-G Repeater has transformed the phone reception!

Janet (07-16-20-20)

By Gerard Duff

We are based in North Tipperary and we're relying on a phone line connection for our Internet. The best download speed we could get was 4Mbps and upload was 0.2Mbps, this made working from home nearly impossible. I contacted Novatel to discuss an alternative LTE broadband system. Niamh took me through all the products available and recommended a system that would suit my needs. This consisted of a Teltonika RUTX11 router, and a Tenda Wi-Fi mesh system. I also got Frank to come and fit the system, he was very professional, neat and took his time to make sure he found the optimum location for the antenna on our house to receive the best signal. I now have full Wi-Fi signal throughout my house. My Download speed averages out at 70Mbps and Upload speed of 23Mbps. I am absolutely delighted with the service provided by Novatel and would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone wanting to improve their internet signal.

Gerard Duff (7-8-2020)

By Kevin Kearney

Recently had a antenna installed by Frank, very professional job great result too as my Internet speed has tripled meaning I am now not missing any teams or Zoom calls. Niamh was excellent to deal with on the phone great product knowledge & instilled a confidence that I was purchasing the right Product to suit my needs. 10 out of 10 I would definitely deal with this company again.

Kevin Kearney (07-03-2020).

By Joe Pryme

I bought a Wifi system (broadband solution actually) from Novatel Communications in Buttevant, Co. Cork last month after suffering with very poor internet at our home in North County Dublin.

I spoke to Niamh, one of the owners who questioned me about the reception I had in our house and what I hoped to improve. She analysed my present inadequate circumstances, recommending a new Wifi system which works very well.

It was easy to install and setup, any queries I had were dealt with immediately on the phone. I can honestly recommend the services of Novatel for any potential clients who require improvements in communications.

Joe Pryme (06/05/20).

By Declan Boles

Frank and Niamh are so professional, they listen to what you want, they understand their customer. I have dealt with them over the years and always got a first class service.

By Daniel F. (Ballinvuskig West, Mourneabbey Co. Cork)

24 October 2019 - We are writing this letter or recommendation for Novatel with our highest appreciation and regards. Novatel was knowledgeable and professional from the first call through installation and follow-up.

When we moved into our new rural home in Co. Cork, we discovered that while there was cellular service in the front yard, due to our homes construction and the location we were unable to get signal within the home. One call to Novatel and they were able to provide accurate information and, most importantly, multiple solution options for us to choose from. They were prompt and exceeding professional (and friendly) at installation. The installation was neat and tidy - but most importantly, it was efficient and accomplished our goal and provided us with a consistent 4 bars of cellular signal strength throughout our home on the two different cellular providers we utilize (a far cry from the zero bars on both providers before the installation).

For anyone who is having difficulty in getting cellular service inside their home, I can strongly recommend Novatel (and specifically Niamh and Frank). -- Daniel F.

By Soren Marl

Niamh and her team were always on hand for all questions and eventualities including organising overnight delivery to ensure that the antenna cable was installed in time for our external insulation. 5-stars all round! An absolute pleasure to deal with.

By Harold Hurenkamp (West Cork)

We never had any phone and internet reception in the house. After a lot of researching on the internet we chose for Novatel Communications to fix our connection problem and we are not sorry we did. Niamh and Frank were very helpfull and responsive in solving our small installation problems. Now we can phone and have a steady Internet signal in the house. We would recommend them to anyone - By Harold Hurenkamp

By Daniel (Kilkenny)

We had no phone signal in our home and after getting in contact with Novatel they quickly suggested a suitable signal amplifier. They also put us in touch with Keith from MTV Solutions who installed the booster. We received the booster and had it installed without delay and we now have a 3G signal in every room of our house. I am delighted with the service and I would highly recommend purchasing a StellaDoradus Kit to improve your phone signal.

By Michael and Louise

Mobile Phone Signal Boosters Works! We went from no phone coverage inside our house to 5 bars, that's amazing!. Excellent service from start to finish. Niamh and Frank were very informative, helpful and professional. Thanks Again!

By Tracey O'Driscoll

After moving into a house in a very rural area we were dismayed to discover we could not get any WiFi from any of the main providers (Three, Vodafone, Meteor, etc). We also had no signal reception or any sort of mobile internet. We were recommended to try Novatel so we got in touch and Frank called out to us. We looked into getting satellite internet but again this was not available as we are in a black spot. Frank suggested we get a Stelladoradus repeater unit which would improve our mobile phone & data reception in the house. He spent 3 hours here to ensure he could get us the best signal. We now have phone reception and internet on our phones, it’s like being in a new house! I could not recommend Novatel highly enough, I had rang so many companies and been told there was nothing they could do, Novatel was a godsend especially Frank, he had such patience and knowledge, I can’t thank him enough. Niamh in the office was also a delight to deal with, so friendly and professional. If in doubt take my advice and go with Novatel you won’t regret it!

By Volker

Before I bought this device I had to go to the far end of my garden to make a phone call. Now I can sit relaxed on the sofa and talk to people on the phone, having full gsm coverage in the house. I decided to go with the voice only option (SD-RP-1002-G) as Internet is provided by Wifi in good quality and on 900 MHz all Irish phone networks are covered. Thanks Novatel for answering all my questions!

By John McGuirk and Orla Fleming (Tipperary)

We moved to a new house in rural Ireland, which was always our dream. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get broadband, and the house had zero mobile phone signal inside. We looked everywhere for a signal enhancement solution, but couldn’t find something that would work for us until by chance, somebody recommended Novatel. Niamh and Frank were incredibly understanding, easy to deal with, and kept their promises. Now we have very decent data signal that is more than enough for what we need, and they installed a solution that gives us 4G mobile coverage throughout our home. Novatel have made a huge difference, when nobody else could. I would recommend them to anyone in a similar situation. They are lovely people, and consummate professionals.

By Anthony Carroll (Curran Electrical - Galway)

This is a great product - simple to install. I purchased the StellaHome-LGW triband repeater kit and went from no signal to a solid 4 bars reception all around the house. Niamh in Novatel Communications was excellent with technical support. I would highly recommend the Stella Doradus repeater - it is EU compliant and legal for the Irish market - that was important for us.

By Rafal-Carey Group PLC (Survey Manager)

We were looking for a cost effective solution. Something we know will work right and will be done fast.

Frank from Novatel met all our expectations in full when he made site check with me and then installed all Internet infrastructure on our new site.

I can definitely recommend his professional services.