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Teltonika Networks Cellular Routers

Are you looking for a reliable cellular router, that is secure, and easy to use for your network and mobile connectivity needs? Do you want to work with a trusted and experienced partner that can provide you with the best products and services in the market? If so, you have come to the right place. Welcome to Novatel Communications Ltd., the official partner of Teltonika Networks in Ireland.

Teltonika Networks is a global leader in 4G/5G/IoT, and Wi-Fi connectivity solutions, offering a wide range of devices, such as routers, gateways, modems, switches, and accessories, for various applications, such as Industry 4.0, Smart City, Green Energy, and more. The Lithuania-based company has been in the business for over 20-years, and has established itself as a TOP 3 vendor of cellular connectivity in the world, according to the latest report by Berg Insight.

TN has sold over 10 million devices worldwide and has a presence in over 150 countries. The company is also known for its innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, as evidenced by its numerous awards and certifications.

Novatel is proud to be one of the partners of Teltonika in Ireland, distributing and installing their products across the country. We have a team of experts who can help you choose the best solution for your wired and cellular connectivity challenges, and provide you with technical and customer support. We also offer competitive prices and fast delivery. Whether you need a cellular router for your home or office, a gateway for your IoT project, or a switch for your network infrastructure, we have it all. Browse our online store and find the products that suit your needs and budget.

You can also contact us if you have any questions or need assistance. We’re here to help you get the best mobile and network connectivity possible.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your connectivity. Choose Teltonika Networks, the world’s TOP 3 vendor of cellular connectivity, and Novatel Communications Ltd., one of their distributor in Ireland. Order your products today and enjoy the benefits of a fast and reliable connection.

Teltonika Networks: A Division of Teltonika

Teltonika Networks and Teltonika Telematics are two business units of Teltonika, a company that develops and manufactures IoT solutions. Teltonika Networks focuses on cellular connectivity devices, such as routers, gateways, modems, switches, and accessories, for various applications, such as Industry 4.0, Smart City, Green Energy, and more.

Teltonika Telematics focuses on vehicle tracking devices (GPS/GNSS) and software, for various applications, such as fleet management, car sharing, insurance telematics, and more.

Some Bits About The Difference Between a Network Router and a Network Gateway

A network router is a device that connects two or more networks and forwards data packets between them. A network router can operate at different layers of the OSI model, such as layer 3 (network layer) or layer 4 (transport layer). A network router can perform various functions, such as routing, switching, filtering, NAT, DHCP, and more. A network router can be used for various purposes, such as connecting devices within a local area network (LAN), connecting a LAN to a wide area network (WAN), or connecting a WAN to the internet.

A gateway is a device that acts as a gate between two networks that use different protocols or formats. A gateway can translate one protocol to another, such as TCP/IP to SNA, or one format to another, such as analog to digital. A gateway can also perform other functions, such as security, firewall, content filtering, and more. A gateway can be used for various purposes, such as connecting a LAN to the internet, connecting a LAN to a mainframe, or connecting a VoIP phone to a PSTN.

The difference between a router and a gateway is that a router can only forward data packets between networks that use the same protocol or format, while a gateway can convert data packets between networks that use different protocols or formats. A router can also be a gateway, but a gateway is not necessarily a router. For example, a router with a SIM card slot can act as a gateway between a cellular network and a LAN, but a modem that connects a LAN to the internet is a gateway but not a router.

Common Features of a Teltonika Networks Routers

  • RMS: Manage and monitor Routers remotely using the Remote Management System (RMS), which is a user-friendly IoT platform that provides an easy way to stay on top of your connected solution. RMS allows you to securely gather status information of your devices and to change their configuration even if the devices do not have public IP addresses. RMS also offers various services, such as RMS Connect, RMS VPN, and RMS API, that allow you to access, control, and integrate your devices with other systems. RMS can be used for various purposes, such as remote work, travel, rural areas, or business.

  • Cellular connectivity: Teltonika routers can connect to the internet using a cellular network, such as 4G or 5G, by inserting a SIM card into the router’s SIM card slot. This allows the router to access the internet anywhere there is cellular coverage, without relying on a fixed line or a hotspot. Teltonika Routers also support Dual SIM functionality, which enables the router to switch between two SIM cards automatically or manually, depending on signal quality, data usage, or other criteria. This provides redundancy and reliability for the internet connection.

  • Wi-Fi: Provide Wi-Fi access to multiple devices via the router’s Wi-Fi module. The router can act as a Wi-Fi Hotspot, a Wi-Fi client, or a Wi-Fi repeater, depending on the configuration. The router can also support multiple SSIDs, which allows the router to create different Wi-Fi networks for different purposes, such as guest, private, or public. The router can also support Wi-Fi security protocols, such as WPA2, WPA3, or WPS, to protect the Wi-Fi network from unauthorized access.

  • VPN: Provide a variety of VPN protocols for secured private networks. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a technology that creates a secure and encrypted connection between a device and a VPN server over the internet. A VPN allows the user to access online resources that may be blocked or restricted in their location, as well as protect their privacy and identity from online threats.

    Teltonika Routers support various VPN protocols, these are the methods or rules that determine how the data is transmitted and handled between the device and the VPN server. Different VPN protocols have different advantages and disadvantages, such as speed, security, reliability, and compatibility.

    Some of the most common VPN protocols are; OpenVPN, WireGuard, Tinc, L2TP, IKEv2, PPTP, and SSTP.

  • Ethernet: Provide Ethernet access to multiple devices via the router’s Ethernet ports. The router can support different types of Ethernet ports, such as LAN, WAN, or PoE, depending on the model. The router can also support different speeds of Ethernet ports, such as 10/100 Mbps or 10/100/1000 Mbps, depending on the model. The router can also support VLANs, which allows the router to create separate logical networks within the same physical network, for security or performance reasons.

  • SFP: Depending on the router model such as the XR1 can provide SFP access to devices that support SFP modules, such as fiber optic cables or copper cables. SFP stands for Small Form-factor Pluggable, which is a type of transceiver that can convert electrical signals to optical signals, or vice versa. SFP modules can provide high-speed and long-distance data transmission, which can be useful for applications that require high bandwidth or low latency. Teltonika routers can support different types of SFP modules, such as SFP or SFP+, depending on the model.

  • Serial: Teltonika routers can provide serial access to devices that support serial communication, such as RS232 or RS485. Serial communication is a type of communication that uses one or more wires to transmit data bits sequentially, one after another. Serial communication can be useful for applications that require low-cost, simple, or legacy devices, such as sensors, meters, or controllers. Teltonika routers can support different modes of serial communication, such as TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP, or Modbus, depending on the configuration.

  • Aluminum Housing: TN Routers are housed in aluminum enclosures that are designed to provide durability, protection, and aesthetics. Aluminum is a light metal that has high strength, corrosion resistance, and electrical insulation.

    Aluminum enclosures:

    • are ideal for PCB, Eurocard, and electronics installation.
    • have a natural surface oxide layer that can be enhanced by anodizing, which gives the enclosures a pleasant look and feel, and protects them from the environment.
    • can achieve optimum IP protection classes with corresponding sealing elements and are available for machine and plant construction and apparatus engineering.

Teltonika Routers Use Cases

These are some of the use cases of TN Routers in various industries. You can find more information about the use cases and solutions on the company’s website. I hope this helps you understand how their products can help across multiple industry sectors.

Can be used to provide connectivity and data transmission for:

  • Transportation: vehicles, such as buses, trains, trucks, cars, and more. They can also enable features such as GPS tracking, Wi-Fi Hotspots, video surveillance, passenger information, fleet management, and more. For example, TN Routers can provide Wi-Fi access in public transportation, such as buses and trams, and allow passengers to enjoy internet services (Email, Chat App, Zoom Calls, Google Meet, etc.) and entertainment (browse TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

  • Security: security systems, such as cameras, alarms, sensors, and more. They can also enable features such as remote access, video streaming, event detection, and more. For example, TN Routers can provide remote camera control, such as pan, tilt, zoom, and focus, and allow users to monitor and manage their cameras from anywhere.

  • Retail: retail systems, such as point of sale, digital signage, inventory management, and more. They can also enable features such as cloud integration, online payment, customer analytics, and more.

  • Healthcare: healthcare systems, such as telemedicine, patient monitoring, medical equipment, and more. They can also enable features such as remote diagnosis, data encryption, emergency response, and more. For example, TN Routers can provide cellular connectivity for mobile health clinics, and allow users to deliver healthcare services to remote and rural areas.

  • Agriculture: agriculture systems, such as irrigation, soil monitoring, livestock tracking, and more. They can also enable features such as smart farming, precision agriculture, data analysis, and more. For example, TN Routers can provide smart farming with a 5G router for farming tractors, and allow users to improve the productivity and efficiency of their farms.

Explore all Teltonika Networks Routers below, offered by Novatel - your Teltonika Distributor in Ireland

Model: RUT300
The RUT300 is the small brother of the RUTX08 router, which also has a WAN and a LAN port, perfect for challenging networking tasks, as well as for a secure and robust networking applications in an industrial setting. It is equipped with Five 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports, with two configurable digital ..
Ex Tax:€68.29
Model: RUT140
Introducing the RUT140, a sleek industrial Ethernet router designed to fortify your network’s security by isolating end devices. This compact unit is outfitted with a pair of Ethernet ports, a convenient DIN rail, and a robust 3-pin industrial connector, guaranteeing uninterrupted connectivity and s..
Ex Tax:€72.36
Model: RUT142
Imagine a world where your connection never falters – that’s the promise of Teltonika RUT142. A networking device equipped with the RS232 serial interface, two Ethernet ports, DIN rail, and an industrial 3-pin connector, and a compact router that redefines secure, high-speed connectivity. Tailored f..
Ex Tax:€79.67
Model: RUT200
Quick Tech Specs; Cat 4 4G (LTE), 10/100Mbps Ethernet x 2, 2.4 GHz (b/g/n) Wi-Fi, 128MB RAM, and 16MB Flash Memory. Looking for a reliable and high-performance mobile router that can keep you connected and productive while on the go? Look no further than the Teltonika RUT200! With its advanced fea..
Ex Tax:€107.32
Model: RUTX08
Quick Tech Specs; 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet Port x 4, No Wi-Fi, No Mobile WAN (no SIM Card Slot), 256MB RAM, 256MB Flash Memory, withPassive PoE Capability, and RMS Supported. The RUTX08 is a durable and powerful Ethernet-to-Ethernet industrial VPN-capable router that runs on RutOS (an advanced OpenW..
Ex Tax:€125.20
Model: RUT901
It looks like Teltonika’s RUT901 has some serious firepower. With its automatic WAN failover to an available backup connection, the device ensures your network is always up and running. It also delivers security features such as the ability to block certain devices from connecting while maintaining ..
Ex Tax:€140.65
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