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Long Distance WiFi

TP-Link CPE510: 5GHz 300Mbps Long-range Outdoor Wi-Fi CPE with Built-in 13dBi 2x2 Dual-polarized Directional MIMO antenna
€4.88 Local IE Flat Rate Shipping (€6 w/ VAT) New
Model: CPE510
Quick Specs: 5GHz, 300Mbps, 13dBi Built-in Antenna, Outdoor Application. Elevate Your Network to New Heights with this PharOS Capable Long-range Outdoor Access Point/P2P Bridge/Station! Say goodbye to connectivity constraints and hello to boundless outdoor networking with the TP-Link CPE510. The C..
Ex Tax:€64.23
TP-Link CPE210 2.4GHz 300Mbps 9dBi Outdoor CPE Long-range Wireless Bridge / Access Point / Station
€4.88 Local IE Flat Rate Shipping (€6 w/ VAT) New
Model: CPE210
Get lightning-fast, reliable, and long-range Wi-Fi with the TP-Link CPE 210 2.4GHz 300Mbps 9dBi Outdoor CPE! Are you tired of slow and unreliable Wi-Fi connections? Do you need to extend your Wi-Fi coverage to remote areas or connect outdoor security cameras? Look no further than the TP-Link CPE210!..
Ex Tax:€75.61
TP-Link CPE710: PharOS Capable 5GHz AC 867Mbps 23dBi Long-distance IP65 Outdoor CPE
€4.88 Local IE Flat Rate Shipping (€6 w/ VAT) New
Model: CPE710
Unleash the power of high-speed internet across vast distances with the TP-Link CPE710 – your gateway to unparalleled connectivity! This water-proof outdoor cpe with robust structural design (station, access point, wireless bridge mode) is a cutting-edge 5GHz AC 867Mbps WiFi device, designed to brin..
Ex Tax:€83.74
EnGenius EnStation5-AC - 867Mbps 5GHz 26dBm Outdoor 5Km Long Range Wireless Client Bridge & Access Point
€4.88 Local IE Flat Rate Shipping (€6 w/ VAT)
Model: EnStation5-AC
The EnStation5-AC is an outdoor 5GHz 802.11ac Wave2 Long-Range Point-to-point Wireless Bridge, that you can use to extend existing Internet connection and share wirelessly. This Wave2 enabled devices features a robust housing with IP55 rated enclosure, which is perfect for outdoor use and the device..
Ex Tax:€135.77
TP-Link OC300 Omada Hardware Controller: Centralized Management of Up to 500 APs
€4.88 Local IE Flat Rate Shipping (€6 w/ VAT) New
Model: OC300
Unleash the Power of Your Network with the TP-Link OC300! Imagine a world where your network management is not just a task, but a seamless experience. The TP-Link OC300 stands as a beacon of efficiency in the vast sea of network controllers. This powerhouse delivers centralized management for up to ..
Ex Tax:€146.34
TP-Link EAP610-Outdoor AX1800 WiFi 6 Dual-band MU-MIMO Long-range Access Point
€4.88 Local IE Flat Rate Shipping (€6 w/ VAT) New
Model: EAP610-Outdoor
Quick Specs: Wi-Fi 6, AX1800, Dual-band, IP67 Outdoor AP, Omada Capable. Imagine a world where your outdoor Wi-Fi is as reliable as the sunrise. The TP-Link EAP610-Outdoor is a cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6 access point designed to bring unparalleled wireless performance to any outdoor setting. It is perf..
Ex Tax:€156.91
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