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EnGenius Technologies: Pioneering Connectivity Solutions

Established in 1999, has been a beacon of innovation in the wireless communications sphere. With a mission to enhance mobility communications, EnGenius is headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, and boasts a significant European presence with its headquarters in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The company’s founder, Tommy Tsai, has steered the Company to become a household name in networking hardware, known for its durable and high-performing wireless LAN products and accessories, as well as long-range cordless phones.

Products and Services

  • Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Points: Designed to withstand the elements, these access points ensure uninterrupted connectivity in outdoor environments.
  • Indoor Access Points: Offering seamless wireless coverage, these devices are ideal for indoor network expansion.
  • Power Distribution Units (PDUs): The latest in EnGenius.’s product line, these PDUs provide centralized power management and advanced surge protection
  • EOC Series: This series features dual-band 5GHz long-range Wi-Fi access points, perfect for Wireless ISPs and tech-savvy cities looking for superior throughput in dense RF environments

EnGenius Cloud: Streamlined Network Management for the Modern IT Manager

In the fast-paced world of IT management, efficiency and reliability are paramount. EnGenius Cloud is the answer to the call for a network management solution that’s both powerful and user-friendly. With EnGenius Cloud, IT managers can effortlessly oversee and scale their networks without the need for costly site visits or complex setups.

EnGenius Cloud Solutions empowers users with AI-driven technology for a unified network management experience. This serverless infrastructure ensures 99.99% network availability, allowing businesses to operate efficiently and scale effortlessly in the digital age. Additionally, the Fitcon hardware-based network controller offers local and cloud-based management, simplifying network administration for IT professionals.

Key Benefits:

  • License-Free Management: Start with the basics and upgrade to Cloud Pro for more complex networks at no initial cost
  • MSP Portal: Ideal for managing multi-tenant networks, enhancing service, and scaling with ease
  • Rapid Deployment: Register and configure devices quickly, whether one at a time or in bulk, using a simple cloud portal or mobile app
  • Real-Time Insights: Monitor network health, and device performance, and manage team access from anywhere, at any time
  • Advanced Security: Protect your network with AES-256 encryption and secure VPNs, ensuring data integrity and privacy

EnGenius Cloud Solutions:

  • Access Points: Indoor and outdoor options with business-class performance, managed from the cloud
  • Network Switches: Simplify deployment and port management for expandable businesses with cloud integration
  • SD-WAN Gateways: High-performance and protection for business networks, cloud-managed for convenience
  • Power Distribution Units: Reliable, cloud-managed power control in diverse environments

Harness the Power of EnGenius Cloud:

EnGenius Cloud is not just a platform; it’s a strategic tool that empowers IT managers to work smarter. With its serverless infrastructure, you’re guaranteed 99.99% network availability, ensuring your network is always up and running. Plus, with the Fitcon hardware-based network controller, you get the flexibility of local and cloud-based management, making network administration a breeze.

Elevate your network management with EnGenius Cloud – the smart choice for IT managers dedicated to excellence.

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Model: Skykey I
The SkyKey 1 can be applied to manage EnGenius Wireless Access Points and switches from both remote and local sites intuitively and easily. The solution is also supported power by either 802.3af/at PoE (Power Over Ethernet) or DC12V power. Features Compliance with 802.3af/at or DC12V Input power so..
Ex Tax:€109.76
Model: ENS500EXT-AC
The EnGenius ENS500EXT-AC is an 802.11ac long range outdoor wireless access point that you can use for any bandwidth and speed demanding applications like HD video streaming or IP-based surveillance system. It is Capable of up to 867Mbps speed under the 5GHz frequency band. It has detachable antenna..
Ex Tax:€135.77
Model: EnStation5-AC
The EnStation5-AC is an outdoor 5GHz 802.11ac Wave2 Long-Range Point-to-point Wireless Bridge, that you can use to extend existing Internet connection and share wirelessly. This Wave2 enabled devices features a robust housing with IP55 rated enclosure, which is perfect for outdoor use and the device..
Ex Tax:€135.77
Model: EnStationAC
The EnStationAC is an outdoor 5GHz 802.11ac Wave1 Long-Range Point-to-point Wireless Bridge, that you can use to extend existing Internet connection and share wirelessly. This outdoor device features a MU-MIMO Dual Radio Access Point, that cuts through RF-congested environments within Point-to-Point..
Ex Tax:€173.17
Model: ECS1008P
The ECS1008P Cloud Managed 55W 8-Port PoE Switch features simplified network configuration, monitoring and management options along with an easy-to-use Web interface. Power compatible PoE devices such as IP cameras, VoIP phones, and APs. Features Managed by EnGenius Cloud Platform 10/100/1000 Mbps..
Ex Tax:€175.61
Model: EWS360AP
The EWS360AP’s increased speed and user capacity are ideal for large offices, schools, and hospitality guest Wi-Fi access leveraging increased throughput and performance to support the latest 11ac mobile devices. Operate as a stand-alone AP or part of a scalable Neutron network management solution. ..
Ex Tax:€178.05
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