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Home Repeaters

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Signal Repeater Kit for 3G Data Networks – RP-W (2100MHz)

The RP-W is a mobile phone signal booster kit for 3G data networks @ 2100MHz. It comes as kit and includes the repeater device, 1 x outdoor antenna, 1 x indoor ..

€477.00 Ex Tax: €387.80

Signal Repeater Kit for 4G LTE Data – RP-H (2600MHz)

Absolutely! You can significantly improve your LTE (2600MHz) signal reception inside your house or office w/ this repeater. You can have signal coverage with th..

€477.00 Ex Tax: €387.80

Signal Repeater Kit for 4G LTE Data – RP-L (800MHz)

If you're looking to boost your 4G signal either in your home or office, then the SD-RP-1002-L signal repeater kit is the best one for you. It boosts your 4G si..

€477.00 Ex Tax: €387.80

Signal Repeater Kit for 4G LTE – RP-D (1800MHz)

Enhance your mobile signal inside your home or office with the SD-RP1002-D 1800MHz 4G Booster. It's legal & safe to use in Ireland. Works with all Irish Mob..

€477.00 Ex Tax: €387.80

Signal Repeater Kit for Calls/SMS - RP-G (900MHz)

The RP-G repeater is a remarkable device that amplifies voice signal @ 900MHz inside your home or small-office (2100MHz is used for voice in some rural regions ..

€477.00 Ex Tax: €387.80

Signal Repeater Kit for 4G LTE Data & Calls/SMS – RP-LG (800MHz/900MHz)

Improves signal reception for GSM Voice & 4G LTE (800Mhz) data signals in your Home or Small Office. Legal-to-use, designed and made in Waterford, Ireland..

€737.00 Ex Tax: €599.19

Signal Repeater Kit for Calls/SMS and 4G LTE – RP-GD (900MHz/1800Mhz)

Looking for a dual-band signal booster for homes? Then look no further! The SD-RP1002-GD signal repeater kit from StellaDoradus is the best signal enhancer you ..

€737.00 Ex Tax: €599.19

Signal Repeater Kit for GSM Voice/SMS & 3G Data – RP-GW (900MHz/2100MHz)

Boost your 3G & Voice Calls signal in your home or office, legally in Ireland. Works on 900Mhz & 2100Mhz frequency band on any mobile network (Vodafone,..

€737.00 Ex Tax: €599.19

Home Repeaters

On this category, you will find a list of signal repeater kits which are designed for homes and small offices. Theoretically, our home repeater kits can cover up to 4-rooms. If you need to cover more area, you can buy additional indoor antennas, amplifiers and other addons. These are ComReg approved signal repeaters, that you can install/use legally in Ireland. These devices are guaranteed safe-to-use on all mobile network operators in Ireland, EU and the rest of the world. You can use them with Vodafone, Meteor, Three (3), O2, EE, Tesco and more. These are not restricted to operators, but frequencies.

Not sure what model to buy? You can use the filters on the left (top if browsing from a mobile device), under Network Application.

Tick the check box to filter the products according to your specific needs.

You can choose one of the following choices:

  • Voice Only: Boost signal for Calls/SMS only.
  • 3G Data Only: Boosts signal for 3G Data.
  • LTE Data Only: Amplifies LTE signal only at either 800MHz or 1800MHz.
  • 3G Data + Voice: Improves Calls/SMS signal and 3G Data at the same time.
  • LTE Data + Voice: Boosts signal for LTE and Calls/SMS.
  • LTE Data + 3G Data: Amplifies LTE and 3G signal, both at the same time.
  • LTE Data + 3G Data + Voice: Boosts calls/sms, LTE and 3G  Data signals, all at the same time.

The primary key to knowing which repeater to choose is knowing which frequency band you are receiving. You need to go through a process called FIELD TEST, to find which frequencies you're on, and match that up with the frequency supported by our repeaters