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Poynting Antennas

Looking to improve your signal reception? You came to the right place on the web! At Novatel, you can find high-quality broadband antennas/aerials that you can use to improve signal reception for GSM, 4G/LTE, and WiFi. We stock Omnis, Panels, and Yagi Antennas.

Poynting Antennas is a high-quality range of cellular antennas that can solve slow Internet browsing issues due to poor signal reception.

It's no secret that weak signal reception leads to a slow browsing experience and laggy connection. Thanks to Poynting's wide range of antennas, you can now enjoy high-speed and reliable wireless broadband connections.

These innovative products, and quality-by-design, support a wide range of network applications such as; 5G. 4G (LTE), 3G (WCDMA/HSPA/HSPA+),  2G (EDGE/GPRS), GPRS, IoT (LoRaWAN/LPWAN). and the Helium Network from all providers in Ireland (Three, EIR, Meteor, Vodafone), UK, EU and the rest of the world.

Poynting OMNI-510-2 External 4G LTE Ultra-low Profile 2dBi Wideband Antenna
New Hot Delivery Lead Time: 7-10 Days
Model: OMNI-510-2
The OMNI-510-2 smart-metering external antenna is designed for ultra-low profile requirements such as Smart Meters. It is suitable for M2M and IoT application. This antenna is omni-directional, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and are typically mounted either on the top or side of smar..
Ex Tax:€13.01
Poynting ADPT-010: Single SIM Card Extender for ePoynt (IP67 Rated)
Delivery Lead Time: 7-10 Days
Model: ADPT-10
Single SIM Card Extender for ePoynt (IP67 Rated)..
Ex Tax:€16.26
Poynting ADPT-024: Universal Modem to Antenna Coupler, 698 - 2700 MHz
Delivery Lead Time: 7-10 Days
Model: ADPT-24
Coupler for Universal Modem to Antenna, supports 698 - 2700 MHz..
Ex Tax:€18.70
Model: ADPT-26
Adaptor for Universal Modem to Antenna, supports 698 - 2700 MHz..
Ex Tax:€18.70
Poynting DASH-1 - Smart Meter LTE Antenna Ultra Low Profile
Delivery Lead Time: 7-10 Days
Model: DASH-1
It’s an ultra-low profile, smart meter 4dBi 4G LTE Omnidirectional Antenna. Supports 698-2700MHz frequency bands. Features Low profile design Smart Meter, M2M, IoT Antenna Future-proof wideband LTE antenna Increased connectivity stability Backwards compatible with 2G and 3G technologies Technical ..
Ex Tax:€20.33
Model: OMNI-280
The OMNI-280 medium-gain 4dBi SISO antenna provides a technologically advance solution to improve/enhance 4G LTE, 3G and 2G cellular signals. It's a one-of-a-kind antenna that is capable of boosting signal for various network frequency bands. Which includes, the full LTE band (800, 1800, 2600MHz) an..
Ex Tax:€21.95
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