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Teltonika GH5200 - Autonomous Personal Tracker with GNSS, GSM & Bluetooth Connectivity

The Teltonika GH5200 (Worker BadgePlus)is an AUTONOMOUS personal tracker with GNSS, GSM and Bluetooth connectivity. Device is designed for everyone who perfor..

€124.00 Ex Tax: €100.81

Teltonika RUT240 - Industrial 4G LTE & WiFi Router with Bridge Mode & Captive Portal Feature

Reference Image: The Router's 4G LTE SIM Card SlotIndustrial LTE Router with VPN/WiFi & SIM card Slot (Ideal for Remote Helium Miner Setup) Cost-ef..

€166.00 Ex Tax: €134.96

Teltonika RUT360 - With Carrier Aggregation Support & VPN Feature

The RUT360 is the latest iteration of the best-selling RUT240 4G/LTE Router. This compact but powerful all-around netwwork router offers various ways to connect..

€233.00 Ex Tax: €189.43

Teltonika RUT950 - Secure Wireless LTE Router/Modem with Automatic Dual WAN Failover Feature

On the rear side of the RUT950 LTE Router, you can find the two SIM card slot location (positioned side by side), 2 external antenna port for LTE and WiFi..

€227.00 Ex Tax: €184.55

Teltonika RUT955 - LTE Dual SIM Router with WiFi & VPN

The Teltonika RUT955 features a redundant LTE connectivity, thanks to its dual-SIM card failover feature. It also features GNSS, Wi-Fi, VPN & VoIP pass-thro..

€253.00 Ex Tax: €205.69

Teltonika RUTX09 - CAT6 300Mbps Dual-SIM LTE Router w/ Gigabit Port & Carrier Aggregation Support

The RUTX09 is a powerful Dual SIM LTE Router, designed as a Main or Backup Internet source where steady connection and high data throughput is required. This m..

€331.00 Ex Tax: €269.11

Teltonika RUTX10 WiFi/xDSL Router with 4-Gigabit Ports & OpenVPN Back Order

Teltonika RUTX10 WiFi/xDSL Router with 4-Gigabit Ports & OpenVPN

The RUTX10 is a 802.11ac Dual Band WIFI router with Bluetooth capability, and comes with highly-responsive software called RutOS, which is based on the well-kno..

€184.00 Ex Tax: €149.59

Teltonika RUTX11 - Dual SIM LTE Router with WiFi/GPS/GLONASS / Gigabit LAN Port / Carrier Aggregation

RUTX11 has great useful features that you'll love. If features; Dual-SIM w/ auto Failover, LTE Cat 6, Gigabit Ethernet, WPA2-Enterprise WiFi Connectivity &..

€368.00 Ex Tax: €299.19