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Mobile Phone Signal Repeater Kits For All Networks

Reference Image: Mobile Phone Signal Booster Installation Overview

Signal Repeater Kits for Homes

The Following Products Comes as Kits (Repeater, Cable, Receiver & Internal Antenna, Power Supply)

Model (Coverage: Up to 4-Rooms)Booster For:Tech
Price €
(inc. VAT)
SD-RP1002-D1800MHz 427
SD-RP1002-LG900MHz / 800MHz663
SD-RP1002-GW900MHz / 2100MHz663
SD-RP1002-GD900MHz / 1800MHz663
SD-RP1002-LGW800MHz / 900MHz / 2100MHz899
SD-RP1002-GDW900MHz / 1800MHz / 2100MHz899
SD-RP1002-LGDWH800MHz / 900MHz / 1800MHz / 2100MHz / 2600MHz1499
SD-LCD-LGDW800MHz / 900MHz / 1800MHz / 2100MHz965

Signal Repeater Kits for Offices & Large Installations

The Following Products Comes as Kits (Repeater, Cable, Receiver & Internal Antenna, Power Supply)

Model (Coverage: ~10 Rooms)Repeater ForTech
Price €
(inc. VAT)
SD-RP-1002-LG-4900MHz / 800MHz1072
SD-RP-1002-GW-4900MHz / 2100MHz1072
SD-RP-1002-GD-4900MHz / 1800MHz1072
SD-RP-1002-LGW-4800MHz / 900MHz / 2100MHz1377
SD-RP-1002-GDW-4900MHz / 1800MHz / 2100MHz1377
SD-RP-1002-LGDWH-4800MHz / 900MHz / 1800MHz / 2100MHz / 2600MHz2292
i-Repeater IR6700MHz / 800MHz / 900MHz / 1800MHz / 2100MHz / 2600MHz3356

Are you living in a place where mobile phone signal is too weak for normal and hassle free use? Or where 3G or 4G Signal barely registers on your phone when you are inside the building. Well, you’re in luck! We have the solution and all you have to do is buy and install one of our repeater kit. Install one in your home or office and you'll get stellar signal quality in no time!.

Find one that matches your network's frequency band and network type. You can choose from single band (i.e. GSM only or LTE Only) to multi-band kits (i.e. GSM + LTE).

Our signal repeaters for mobile phones (also called signal boosters by others - which is not) are designed and manufactured by StellaDoradus. StellaDoradus is a company based in Waterford, Ireland. They manufacture cellular and WIFI antennas for EU and USA market. The company also design and manufacture mobile phone repeaters that meets EU standards. All SD products are fully compliant to European R.E.D regulations and passed all E.S.T.I tests, making it safe and legal to use in Ireland, UK and the rest of Europe.  

We stock various models and you have several options to choose from, ready to be shipped. You can choose kits for 3G, 4G, LTE, as well as for Calls/SMS applications.

You can purchase single, dual, triple or quint band repeater for any mobile network you want to use them with. With the multi-band kits, you can choose which combo to purchase. Like; GSM/Voice + 3G Data Kit, Voice + LTE Kit, LTE 800MHz + LTE 2600MHz, or just plain 4G/LTE only.

How it Works

  1. The antenna on your roof receives mobile signal from all networks, and sends it down the cable to the repeater.
  2. The StellaDoradus device amplifies this signal in both directions, and sends it around your house.
  3. All your devices can now communicate with this enhanced signal.

Device Overview

Reference Image: Signal Repeater Device Overview
  1. 4 mounting holes, to mount your device to a wall.

  2. 4 diagnostic lights, to tell you if the repeater has:

    • power
    • proximity control
    • feedback
    • communication with your phone
  3. 6 light signal strength indicator, to tell you the strength of your mobile signal from the outside.

  4. Connector in, to attach the indoor antenna.

  5. Connector out, to attach the 12m cable and feed it up to the outdoor antenna.

  6. 12V Power in.

Difference Between a Signal Booster and a Signal Repeater

You might be asking "what is the difference between a booster and repeater?"

In layman's term, they could mean no difference, and they could be used interchangeably.

But, with regard to technical differences; a booster simply amplifies a signal it receives and re-transmits it within an area. No filtering or interference control is happening in such device and often causes interference to mobile provider's network. These devices often come cheap and usually sourced from Chinese online market places, and do not meet European Standards.

If if you're looking to amplify your cellphone signal legally, what you should look for is a Signal Repeater. One that meets EU standards and ComReg approved.

Devices that do not meet the European Standards and technical conditions will remain illegal under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1926 to 2009.

Beware: You could get yourself in trouble when using such devices. How so? Because mobile operators detects and searches for illegal interferences and when they did, they then contact the Communications regulator, the regulator must then find the source of the interference which is often very costly. When found, the repeater will be confiscated, and the user may be fined.

Signal Repeater on the other hand, doesn't only receive weak signal and re-transmits, it also include interference control and filtering, thereby, allowing other spectrum users to coexists. These devices passed a series of sophisticated radio frequency tests (E.T.S.I standard) and meet the required European standards to bear the CE Mark.

CE Mark: CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). The CE marking is also found on products sold outside the EEA that are manufactured in, or designed to be sold in, the EEA.

So, if you're searching for a booster device than can be used legally in Ireland, UK or any country in Europe, then Signal Repeater is what you should look for. But not just a repeater, it should meet the technical conditions that Mobile Phone Repeaters must comply with, to be permitted.

You should look for StellaDoradus devices. These devices meets several technical conditions, that makes them ComReg approved Mobile Phone Repeaters. -- Read: ComReg has permitted the use of Mobile Phone Repeaters

As of June 2018, ComReg had reached a resolution after consideration, to permit the use of Mobile Phone Repeaters. The main consideration was to help improve the mobile user experience of households and businesses in rural areas.

However, not all devices shall be considered legal and permitted in Ireland. Such devices shall meet several technical conditions and must pass several tests. The technical conditions aim to provide consumers with better indoor coverage while protecting Mobile Network Operators from unwanted interference.

If interested, you can read the full document here.

The short answer is, YES!

ComReg had set technical conditions to be met, in order for a repeater be considered legal. And the best part is, SD repeaters have met all these conditions, thus, making it legally compliant. SD devices complies with EU standards and do not cause interference on any Mobile Operator's Network. All their devices have enhanced features that passed all the required European Radio Equipment Directives (RED) and a series of sophisticated radio frequency tests (E.T.S.I standard).

In addition, there is no need for mobile operator permission for the use of Stelladoradus repeaters in Ireland, because it has complete operator protection for; feedback detection, AGC adjustment, Uplink switch off, and Base station proximity aware feature. As been declared in their most recent "Declaration of Conformitiy" document - stating that all essential radio test suites have been carried out and that the above named products are in conformity to all the essential requirements of the 2014/53/EU RED Directives.

Click here, if you want to know more about ComReg compliant devices, suppliers and installers.

NOTE: Novatel Communications is one of the leading mobile signal repeater installers in Cork, Limerick and Tipperary. Also a well-known distributor of StellaDoradus Repeaters and Accessories.

StellaDoradus Repeater Kits - Works On All Known Mobile Operators In Ireland & EU

SD repeater are known to work with the following mobile network operators in Ireland, which are; Vodafone, Meteor and Three and would work too on any known networks in UK, Europe and the world.

SD repeaters comes as Kits which make it very easy to install. Each kit includes; the Repeater box, Cable, Receiver & Internal Antenna, Power Supply and User/Installation Manual. Works on any known mobile operators in Ireland (3, Meteor, Vodafone), UK, the rest of Europe and the world. Make sure you know specifically, what signal frequencies you are receiving in your area. You need that info so you can match it to the frequency supported by each model.

Major Mobile Network Operators in Ireland

Vodafone Ireland

Vodafone Ireland Limited - formerly Eircell, is owned by by Vodafone Group. According to Wikipedia, it is the larget mobile phone operator in Ireland, when it comes to active subscribers. The company provides voice and mobile data services using GSM 900/1800 network and a 3G UMTS 900/2100 network capable of offering a range of high-speed Internet service including DC-HSPA+, which can deliver up to 43.2Mbit/s (theorotically). The company offers a 4G connection (launched in October 2013) with 150GB data for €45 a month plan - at the time of writing.

Vodafone Ireland operates under 4G/LTE/LTE-A Frequency band 800/1800MHz. Our 4G signal repeater kits (SD-RP-1002-L and SD-RP-1002-D model) will work on their network, safe and legal.

Three Ireland

Three Ireland (Hutchison) Limited or formerly known as Hutchison 3G Ireland Ltd, is another Telecom and ISP operating in Ireland under the brand name Three - stylized as "3". According to Wikipedia, the company launched in July 2005 and their former holding company (Hutchison Whampoa) acquired O2 Ireland in June 2013. The company provides voice, 3G, 4G, 4G+/LTE Advance mobile phone services in Ireland.

3 operates under 4G/LTE Frequency band 800/1800MHz. Depending on your signal received, you can either use SD-RP-1002-L or SD-RP-1002-D kits to improve your signal reception inside your home or office.

Meteor Mobile Communications Limited

The now defunct Meteor - one of the first to launch (in September 26, 2013) 4G LTE services in Ireland, and was merged into Eir Mobile on September 2017. They provided GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS(HSPA+) and LTE cellular communications network under licence from ComReg.

Meteor operates under frequency band 800/1800MHz LTE. You can either use SD-RP-1002-L, SD-RP-1002-D or the SD-RP-1002-LGDWH model (will work on 800, 1800, 2600 4G frequency band) to make your 4G signal strong, even inside your home or office.

Eir (telecommunications)

Eir Group plc., trading as Eir, is a fixed, mobile and broadband telecommunications company in Ireland, and a former state-owned monopoly, which is currently incorporated in Jersey. It is the largest telecommunications operator in the Republic, with a division to service the business and corporate telecom markets in Northern Ireland and Britain. As Bord Telecom Éireann, the company was state-owned until 1999, when it was floated on the Irish and New York Stock Exchanges.

Eir operates the fixed-line telephone network, an LTE (4G), HSDPA (3G) and GSM/EDGE (2.75G) mobile telephone network Eir Mobile and acts as an internet service provider (ISP) eircom.net. As of Q1 2013, Eircom had 54% market share of fixed voice lines; 40% market share of fixed broadband; 11% of mobile broadband; and 17% of mobile.[3] By late 2007 Eircom added their 500,000th DSL subscriber but broadband share may have fallen to 44% due to growth of fixed wireless, cable and fibre services.

Eir - the rebranded Meteor, operates at GSM 900MHz and 1800MHz frequency bands. So if you're looking to improve your GSM signal for this network, then StellaDoradus Model SD-RP-1002-GD would be the best signal repeater kit to use. You can use it indoors or outdoors, setup is is fast and easy.

4G LTE Repeater Kits

Mobile network operators like Vodafone, Meteor or Three transmits 4G LTE signal via 800MHz or 1800MHz frequency bands. You need to know which frequencies you are receiving in your area where you want to improve mobile signal reception. Once you know what frequency you're receiving, grab one of our 4G/LTE kit that matches or support the frequency being received, and install.

Installation is dead simple and easy, user/installation guide is included in the box.

4G LTE Repeater Kits for Homes

Our Home Repeater Kits can cover an area of 900m2 of open space. Practically, this is roughly equivalent to 4-rooms in a typical building layout.

Walls and insulation can affect the coverage within your house or office and can reduce the signal coverage. However, wide open internal spaces allow an increase in coverage.

3G Data Signal Repeater Kits

3G usually transmits at either 900MHz or 2100MHz frequency bands, and mobile operators like Vodafone, Meteor or Three uses these frequencies to provide 3G Signal to their customers. If you have issues receiving 3G signal in your area, then grab one of StellaDoradus 3G repeater kit and enjoy high-speed Internet connection.

You can choose single-band repeater unit like; 3G Data only, 3G Data with Calls/SMS (GSM). Or, depending on your needs, you can also buy Dual or Quint Band that can support more than one network type and signal frequencies. For instance, 3G + LTE or GSM (Calls/SMS) + 3G + LTE kit.

GSM Repeater Kits

Order one of our signal amplifier kits for GSM (Calls/SMS) and say goodbye to dropped calls. In Ireland, GSM is usually on 900MHz frequency, and known Irish Mobile Operators like Vodafone, Meteor or Three uses this frequency to provide GSM Voice signal to their subscribers. Use one of our kits, they are guaranteed to work with the above mentioned Operators.

Where To Buy?

If you're somewhere near Buttevant, you can order the kit by phone call and simply simply book for a store pickup from our physical store located at 12 Main Street, Buttevant. Or you can order online, we ship nationwide, we can deliver your orders straight to your doorstep. You can order by just clicking on the  "Add to Cart" button. Then go through the checkout process, and pay securely with your credit card via Stripe payment gateway and we'll dispatch your order within 36-hours.

We ship nationwide and the rest of Europe.

How To Buy The Kit?

To buy the model you need, visit the product page and add it to your cart (just click on the "Add to Cart" button). Then go through the checkout process. You can pay using any credit card supported by Stripe Payment Gateway.

Or, you can call us to order. Just dial this number +353 22 23440 to order.

Credit Cards Accepted By Stripe

Primarily, we use Stripe payment gateway to accept payments. So the info below may come handy when you order one.

Order Using:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • JCB
  • Discover
  • and Diners Club

We ship to Ireland, UK and throughout Europe.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Here's a quick YouTube video showing an actual signal repeater installation, for an actual client - Mater Hospital, Cork

Don't just believe us, hear from some of the people who actually used our products and service.

The following people voluntarily gave their feedback regarding our mobile phone repeater kits, which are ComReg approved and legal to use in Ireland.

By F. Murphy

Since I moved to the cottage here in the Wicklow mountains several years ago I have struggled with very poor mobile phone signal. I have just had Novatel install a StellaDoradus GSM Repeater System and I am delighted with the improved quality of my phone signal and the very neat installation of the system. For the first time I am now able to make and receive mobile calls in the house as before I needed to go outside to use my mobile phone. Also the quality of the signal is now crystal clear and much better than before when I needed to go outside as even then my calls would often be dropped - but that is all now a thing of the past. It has been a pleasure dealing with Novatel Communications and the quality of their service and installation has been excellent and friendly.

I selected the StellaDoradus system as it was very important to me to have a high quality product, made in Ireland that is Comreg approved and StellaDoradus ticked all the boxes for me.

My thanks to Novatel Communications for all their help through the process of the selection to the installation of this system.

F. Murphy - Wicklow (08-04-2020)

By Bernadette

Hi Niamh! Got the parcel and installed. It is fantastic - we have great 3G coverage in the house now. I have forwarded your name and company name to 4 people.

Bernadette Donegal (07-28-2020)

By Janet

Just to say a big thank you. Repeater has transformed the phone reception!

Janet (07-16-20-20)

By Declan Boles

Frank and Niamh are so professional, they listen to what you want, they understand their customer. I have dealt with them over the years and always got a first class service.

By Daniel F. (Ballinvuskig West, Mourneabbey Co. Cork)

24 October 2019 - We are writing this letter or recommendation for Novatel with our highest appreciation and regards. Novatel was knowledgeable and professional from the first call through installation and follow-up.

When we moved into our new rural home in Co. Cork, we discovered that while there was cellular service in the front yard, due to our homes construction and the location we were unable to get signal within the home. One call to Novatel and they were able to provide accurate information and, most importantly, multiple solution options for us to choose from. They were prompt and exceeding professional (and friendly) at installation. The installation was neat and tidy - but most importantly, it was efficient and accomplished our goal and provided us with a consistent 4 bars of cellular signal strength throughout our home on the two different cellular providers we utilize (a far cry from the zero bars on both providers before the installation).

For anyone who is having difficulty in getting cellular service inside their home, I can strongly recommend Novatel (and specifically Niamh and Frank). -- Daniel F.

By Soren Marl

Niamh and her team were always on hand for all questions and eventualities including organising overnight delivery to ensure that the antenna cable was installed in time for our external insulation. 5-stars all round! An absolute pleasure to deal with.

By Lorna (Co. Cork)

Niamh, you have been a pleasure to deal with from the start of the process to the finish, from our initial phone conversation to purchase prices and following on to install, I cannot find fault. I also have to send Frank praise for his professionalism and detail to attention on site. I would strongly recommend your company.

By Rolstan Ltd.

Many thanks for a great job, it has sorted out my phone coverage problem. Excellent, fast and reliable service.

By Harold Hurenkamp (West Cork)

We never had any phone and internet reception in the house. After a lot of researching on the internet we chose for Novatel Communications to fix our connection problem and we are not sorry we did. Niamh and Frank were very helpful and responsive in solving our small installation problems. Now we can phone and have a steady Internet signal in the house. We would recommend them to anyone - By Harold Hurenkamp

By John McGuirk and Orla Fleming (Tipperary)

We moved to a new house in rural Ireland, which was always our dream. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get broadband, and the house had zero mobile phone signal inside. We looked everywhere for a signal enhancement solution, but couldn’t find something that would work for us until by chance, somebody recommended Novatel. Niamh and Frank were incredibly understanding, easy to deal with, and kept their promises. Now we have very decent wireless broadband that is more than enough for what we need, and they installed a solution that gives us 4G mobile coverage throughout our home. Novatel have made a huge difference, when nobody else could. I would recommend them to anyone in a similar situation. They are lovely people, and consummate professionals.

By Volker

Before I bought this device I had to go to the far end of my garden to make a phone call. Now I can sit relaxed on the sofa and talk to people on the phone, having full gsm coverage in the house. I decided to go with the voice only option (SD-RP-1002-G) as Internet is provided by Wifi in good quality and on 900 MHz all Irish phone networks are covered. Thanks Novatel for answering all my questions!

By Tracey O'Driscoll

After moving into a house in a very rural area we were dismayed to discover we could not get any WiFi from any of the main providers (Three, Vodafone, Meteor, etc). We also had no signal reception or any sort of mobile internet. We were recommended to try Novatel so we got in touch and Frank called out to us. We looked into getting satellite internet but again this was not available as we are in a black spot. Frank suggested we get a Stelladoradus repeater unit which would improve our mobile phone & data reception in the house. He spent 3 hours here to ensure he could get us the best signal. We now have phone reception and internet on our phones, it’s like being in a new house! I could not recommend Novatel highly enough, I had rang so many companies and been told there was nothing they could do, Novatel was a godsend especially Frank, he had such patience and knowledge, I can’t thank him enough. Niamh in the office was also a delight to deal with, so friendly and professional. If in doubt take my advice and go with Novatel you won’t regret it!

By Michael and Louise

Mobile Phone Signal Boosters Works! We went from no phone coverage inside our house to 5 bars, that's amazing!. Excellent service from start to finish. Niamh and Frank were very informative, helpful and professional. Thanks Again!

By Daniel (Kilkenny)

We had no phone signal in our home and after getting in contact with Novatel they quickly suggested a suitable signal amplifier. They also put us in touch with Keith from MTV Solutions who installed the unit. We received the unit and had it installed without delay and we now have a 3G signal in every room of our house. I am delighted with the service and I would highly recommend purchasing a StellaDoradus Kit to improve your phone signal.

Photo of Actual Repeater Kit Installed at Daniel's Home at Kilkenny