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Teltonika Networks Switch

Teltonika Networks Switches: These are devices that provide network connectivity and management for multiple devices using Ethernet technology. They support different speeds, such as Gigabit and Fast Ethernet, to suit various needs. They also have PoE and SFP ports that enable power supply and fiber optic connections for some devices. Some of the popular switch models from Teltonika Networks are TSW212, TSW110, TSW100, and TSW010.

Ethernet or network switches are devices that connect and enable communication between multiple network devices. They are essential for building and managing a network infrastructure. Network switches can be classified into two main types: managed and unmanaged. Managed switches offer more control and configuration options, while unmanaged switches are simpler and cheaper.

Managed Network Switches

Managed switches are switches that have a range of configurable features and can be monitored and controlled remotely. They offer more flexibility and control over the network performance and security.

Some of the features of managed switches are:

  • PoE: PoE stands for Power over Ethernet, and it is a technique for delivering DC power to devices over copper Ethernet cabling, eliminating the need for separate power supplies and outlets. PoE enables a single cable to provide both a data connection and enough electricity to power networked devices such as wireless access points, IP cameras and VoIP phones. PoE supports different power levels, such as 15W, 30W, 60W, and 90W, depending on the PoE standard and the switch model. PoE also allows for power management and prioritization, which can improve the efficiency and reliability of the network.

  • Auto-negotiation: Auto-negotiation is a feature that allows the switch ports to automatically determine the communication parameters, such as data rates and transmission mode, of the connected devices. This simplifies the installation and operation of the switch, and ensures compatibility and optimal performance.

  • QoS: QoS stands for Quality of Service, and it is a feature that allows the switch to prioritize different types of traffic, such as voice, video and data, based on their importance and sensitivity. QoS can improve the network performance and user experience, especially for latency-sensitive and bandwidth-intensive applications. However, the QoS parameters on unmanaged switches are statically set.

  • VLAN: Virtual Local Area Network, is a feature of Teltonika Managed Switches that allows you to divide a network into smaller and separate segments. This can help you improve the performance, security, and efficiency of your network.

Unmanaged Network Switches

The advantages of unmanaged switches are that they are cheap and easy to use, and they do not require any configuration or management. The disadvantages of unmanaged switches are that they have no remote access or control, no security or monitoring features, no advanced functionality or customization, and no scalability or flexibility.

Common Features of Teltonika Networks Switches

Read further below to explore the common features of TSW Switches, and how would they benefit industrial customers like yourselves.

TSW Switches are industrial Network Ethernet switches that support various speeds, such as Gigabit and Fast Ethernet. They also have PoE and SFP ports for power supply and fiber optic connections. These Switches are suitable for a wide range of applications and industries, such as transportation, security, retail, healthcare, agriculture, energy, and more.

Some of the common features of TSW Switches are:

  • OpenWrt-based OS: TSWOS is the operating system that runs on Teltonika Networks switches, such as TSW101 and TSW202. It is a Linux-based OS that is derived from OpenWrt, an open-source project that offers a user-friendly web interface and a command-line interface for configuration and management.

  • PROFINET Support: PROFINET is a communication protocol for industrial automation systems and process control networks. It uses Ethernet and TCP/IP standards to exchange data, alarms, and diagnostic information between controllers and devices.

    Further details about PROFINET are:

    • supports different performance levels, such as real-time and isochronous real-time, to meet the requirements of various applications, such as motion control and precision control.
    • allows for seamless integration of field devices from different vendors and bus systems, such as PROFIBUS.
    • maintained and supported by PROFIBUS and PROFINET International, an organization that develops and promotes industrial communication standards.
  • Aluminum Housing: TSW Switches have rugged and durable aluminum housing that protects them from environmental factors such as dust, vibrations, extreme temperatures, and more.
  • Mounting Options: TSW Switches also have DIN rail and flat mounting options for easy and flexible installation.

Explore all Teltonika Networks Switches below, offered by Novatel - your Teltonika Distributor in Ireland

Model: TSW010
If you are looking for a simple, reliable, and affordable way to connect multiple Ethernet devices in your industrial network, look no further than the Teltonika TSW010. This is a compact and unmanaged Ethernet switch that can be easily mounted on a DIN rail or a wall. It has five 10/100 Mbps Ethern..
Ex Tax:€20.33
Model: TSW114
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Ex Tax:€35.77
Model: TSW110
Boost your network performance with a rugged and reliable industrial network switch. Teltonika TSW110 is an unmanaged Layer 2 switch that enables industrial high-bandwidth applications with a simple and cost-effective solution. It’s a versatile switch that can handle any network challenge. Whether y..
Ex Tax:€39.02
Model: TSW101
Power up your network with a simple and reliable switch. Meet the Teltonika TSW101! It’s an unmanaged Layer 2 switch that offers Five (5) Gigabit Ethernet ports with PoE+ support to connect and power multiple devices in your vehicle or industrial application. The easy and economical solution for you..
Ex Tax:€56.10
Model: TSW100
The Best Unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet Switch with PoE is the Teltonika TSW100. Are you seeking for an easy, affordable, and dependable way to connect and power your network devices? Look no further than Teltonika Networks’ TSW100 Gigabit Ethernet switch. For a variety of applications, this unmanaged s..
Ex Tax:€58.54
Model: TSW210
Connect Multiple Devices to the Network with Gigabit Ethernet and SFP. TSW210 is an unmanaged industrial switch that offers a great combination of speed, reliability, and flexibility for your network. Whether you need to connect cameras, access points, switches, or other devices, Teltonika TSW210 ca..
Ex Tax:€67.48
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