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Novatel Communications Limited (NCL) is a Professional Sales and Installations company providing Cellular Connectivity Solutions across Ireland, UK, and Europe. We also serve customers in UAE, and Africa.

Specialists in high performance products including Mobile Phone Repeaters, Cellular Antennas, Cellular Routers, Wifi Distribution. We also offer an extensive range of RF Equipment and accessories. NCL enhances cellular communications for Mobile Phone Voice Calls & Fixed Wireless Broadband regardless of environment/location. Using ComReg & Ofcom approved products, we use cutting edge technology that is compatible with every Network Operator.

The extensive range of Innovative products supplied by Novatel, process & amplify existing 2G/3G/4G/5G signals to deliver superior coverage for Mobile Phone Voice Calls, Mobile Data services & Fixed wireless broadband.

Mobile Phone Signal Solutions
Mobile Phone Signal Solutions

Novatel enhances cellular communications for Mobile Phone Voice Calls and Mobile Data Connectivity, regardless of building type/size, environment or location. Choosing the right repeater system is crucial, mistakes are costly and time-consuming. Our vast experience in sales, system design, planning, and installation has earned Novatel the title of Industry expert.

Our product range varies from easy-to-install on-the-shelf DIY Kits to bespoke planning, system design, and tailored Enterprise solutions for large and complex buildings.

Using ComReg approved next generation technology which is compatible with Every Network Operator, we process and amplify existing 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G signals to deliver superior quality mobile phone Voice calls and Internet.

The results include no more missed/dropped mobile phone calls and fast reliable Internet connectivity.

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Fixed Wireless Broadband Solutions
Fixed Wireless Broadband Solutions

Our Cellular Broadband System delivers reliable connectivity right into your business and home, regardless of location.

Using a high performance external antenna connected to a cellular router with a SIM card inserted, you have an instant connection to the internet. This system will run offices, homes, M2M, Remote Monitoring, CCTV, and any other area or application you can think of. Starting with a single SIM solution, we can offer failover solutions, load balancing, band selection, and a range of other services that beats other services hands down.

Not only are you using technology that is constantly upgrading as your needs become more demanding but the services of 4G & 5G are consistently being invested in by the network operators, increasing bandwidth, speed, reliability, and accessibility.

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Professional Sales & Installations
Professional Sales & Installations

Novatel offers support and guidance for DIY installs on all our products, we supply DIY ready kits equipping you with everything you need to self install and get you connected.

When DIY is not possible or for larger and more complex projects where the customer wants the job installed professionally, our team of skilled engineers will maximise the performance of the products by installing with precision, attention to detail and expert knowledge.

To complete the installation we use professional signal analysers and industry tools, we are able to terminate cables on site, and have the vast experience of installing on a daily basis in the most challenging of environments and various building types, sizes, structures.

We are able to overcome obstacles with ease and ultimately will deliver superior cellular coverage where needed.

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