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Customer Review

Before I bought this device I had to go to the far end of my garden to make a phone call. Now I can sit relaxed on the sofa and talk to people on the phone, having full coverage in the house. I decided to go with the voice only option as internet is provided by Wifi in good quality and on 900 MHz all Irish Mobile Carriers are covered. Thanks Novatel for answering all my questions!
- Volker
We recently had high speed broadband installed in our business and our home premises. From the start to the end of the process we found Novatel both professional & efficient. The benefit is now the high quality WiFi we enjoy. We truly have been brought into the 21st century (at last) with your technology.
- Denis Cullinane Car Sales Cork
Niamh was very helpful. She has great knowledge of the products and excellent customer service. Our Internet speed significantly improved by using the Poynting Antenna she recommended. I Would highly recommend Novatel to anyone who's struggling with speeds/setups.Thank you very much! You are a true life saver Novatel.
- Krisztián Berecz