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Cellular Routers & Gateways for Fixed Wireless Broadband

Novatel brings to you the latest in advanced cellular technology which includes high-performance routers and gateways. Cellular routers enable reliable connection to the Internet in locations that may not even be serviced by other providers such as DSL, LOS, and Fibre. You can achieve instant connection by simply popping in a SIM card and turning the router on!! It is that simple.

Teltonika Networks

The routers from Teltonika are rugged in design making them an excellent choice for industrial and hard working environments. There are a range of options available giving you control over your service and how you use it to suit your needs and specific demands. These include single or dual sim options, this feature allows you to create a failover, and this robust set-up ensures that if one sim card drops out, the other will automatically switch on, eliminating costly downtime and user frustration.

More advanced models offer load balancing giving you the choice of where to route your traffic, in busy environments this is such a smart management of your connection, putting you in the driver's seat, and enabling your devices to spread the burden of usage across 2 sim cards/operators helping to achieve maximum performance at all times.

The list of benefits is endless but again let’s revert to the most simple but vital benefit, Instant Connectivity, for your home, office, camper van, truck, boat, or tractor. Everywhere that you need internet connectivity you have it when using Cellular. If you have mobile phone coverage in the area, then you have internet available to you from the network operators’ cell towers, of which there are thousands nationwide.

It is important to note that phone operators such as Three, Vodafone and Eir are constantly upgrading existing sites and erecting new sites, and you immediately benefit from this work as your cellular connection is set to go one way and that is faster speeds, even greater reliability and access from even remote locations.

The technology is constantly evolving, first, we had 2G, 3G, then 4G, LTE and now 5G. The routers come with everything required for instant access to the internet (except the sim of course). Still, when you want to give a lift in overall performance then the addition of a Cellular Antenna from Poynting will transform your user experience, getting you from a good connection to an excellent connection, maxing out the potential of the service received.

Remote Monitoring Service (RMS)

What about if you have CCTV or any devices/sites that you need to monitor remotely, well this is not a problem. Each Teltonika router comes with 1 month FREE access to RMS and then we have monthly licences which you can apply to your device so that you can easily monitor from your phone/PC/laptop anywhere in the World. It is so easy to set up that you do not need a degree in IT, you can manage all of your devices from the comfort of your desk, reducing the costs of sending engineers and vans to attend physical locations. You can update firmware, run maintenance tasks and whatever else you need to achieve through the RMS platform which is free of charge for you to use (licence needed on the router) through the RMS you can manage the router remotely but also access the devices that are connected to the router saving time & money!

VPN Tunnelling

Security is KEY!! There is no question that the internet has revolutionised our world and our lives. We have instant access to banking, shopping, entertainment, speaking with loved ones, hosting online meetings, bookings and you know the rest ;) In a simple email and on instant messaging services we can contact a person on the other side of the world in milliseconds, this has changed how we live, how we work and how we play. However, every plus has a minus right? And the downside to the internet is security. Our networks can be vulnerable to outside attacks which threaten our online safety. Teltonika has created what I believe is a genius solution and it is called VPN QUICK CONNECT.

VPN Quick Connect

VPN setup was always a bit painful, people often struggled with set-up and management, causing them to shy away from its deployment and use. Well, not anymore QUICK CONNECT gives you VPN (Virtual Private Network) security within a few clicks in the back office admin of your router, you do have to purchase a VPN licence from Novatel, but the cost is minimal, the security is robust and can easily be turned on and off to suit your needs. So for any of you wanting to protect your online connectivity and devices, VPN Connect is what you need!

Customer Support

Novatel is one of the Teltonika Distributors in Ireland, and proudly a Gold Partner of Teltonika, giving us VIP access to their help desk which is a team of highly trained, experienced and skilled engineers. This team of engineers are not available directly to the public so Novatel acts as your “IT support agent” Working closely together Novatel and Teltonika offer you and your business the support and after-sales service for your routers and gateways.

Teltonika has a stellar YouTube Channel which is a library of thousands of informational videos, it is an amazing place to learn how you can get the most from your devices, videos include unboxing videos, how-to videos and more advanced videos discussing and teaching areas such as load balancing and more. As if that is not enough, Teltonika has a Wiki Pages which is your go-to site for all manuals, firmware downloads, and product specifications, it is informative beyond belief and is available to every customer whether you have just 1 router or 100+.

Routers and Gateways are your instant access to the Internet, no fuss, no waiting, no long contracts (with 30 day SIM only plans) - Get Connected Go Cellular and let our team of experienced sales, installations and support wizards at Novatel solve your connection issues first time & future-proofed.