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Cellular Antenna Cables & Accessories

If you want to enjoy fast and reliable mobile broadband and cellular services, you need more than just a device and a plan. You also need a cellular antenna and the right cables and accessories to connect and optimise it.

A cellular antenna is a device that captures and transmits radio frequency signals to and from a cellular network, such as 4G or 5G. Cellular antennas can be used for various purposes, such as improving the signal quality and coverage in your home, office, vehicle, or boat. They can also help you reduce dropped calls, increase data speeds, and extend battery life.

At our online store, we offer a wide range of cellular antenna cables and accessories that are compatible with different types of cellular antennas, such as omnidirectional, directional, indoor, outdoor, vehicle, and marine.

Our cables and accessories are made of high-quality materials and have low loss and high performance. They can help you extend the range, improve the signal quality, and reduce the interference of your cellular antenna. Whether you need a coaxial cable, a lightning arrestor, a ground plane, a pole mount, or a pigtail adapter, we have it all. You can find the cables and accessories that match your needs and budget in our online store.

You can also contact our customer service team if you have any questions or need any assistance. We are here to help you get the best mobile broadband and cellular experience possible. Order your cellular antenna cables and accessories today and enjoy the benefits of a fast and reliable connection.

We are Novatel Communications Ltd., a company in Cork, Ireland, that specializes in mobile and network connectivity solutions. We collaborate with leading technology companies, such as Poynting, Teltonika and Stella Doradus, to distribute and install devices such as mobile phone repeaters, antennas, cellular routers, and Wi-Fi equipment. We aim to solve the problem of poor cell phone signals, dropped calls, and slow internet speeds, especially in rural areas. We also offer customer and technical support, and have won the “Teltonika Partner of the Year 2021” award.

Model: WEB240-LSNH
It's a Low Smoke No Halogen Coaxial Cable (LSNH) from Webro, lets you add more functionality to any low power video and broadband signal application. Also useful for high frequency transmission applications, and a good LMR alternative coaxial cable. It's the recommended cable for signal repeater ind..
Ex Tax:€1.80
Crimp Connectors For Cable Termination Needs. Please choose what genders you want to order using Connector Gener option...
Ex Tax:€3.20
Model: WEB400
Webro WEB400 LMR-alternative cable, consists of a 2.74mm CCA conductor, foam polyethylene insulation, and bonded aluminum tape with tinned copper wire braid. NOTE 1: Only N-Type connector will fit the WEB400 cable. NOTE 2: With Termination - terminated either with N-Male or N-Female, you choose. N..
Ex Tax:€3.20
Model: MISC-94
PUCK- Series Double sided Adhesive Base foam gasket OD:97xID:20xH:3mm,Foam,Black..
Ex Tax:€3.25
Model: MISC-95
PUCK- Series Double sided Adhesive Base foam gasket OD:97xID:20xH:3mm,Foam,White..
Ex Tax:€3.25
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