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Find the latest add-on devices and accessories for your StellaDoradus Repeater. Improve or upgrade your setup with these devices. Order online using the "add to cart" button or call us direct to process your orders.

Model: WEB240-LSNH
It's a Low Smoke No Halogen Coaxial Cable (LSNH) from Webro, lets you add more functionality to any low power video and broadband signal application. Also useful for high frequency transmission applications, and a good LMR alternative coaxial cable. It's the recommended cable for signal repeater ind..
Ex Tax:€1.80
Crimp Connectors For Cable Termination Needs. Please choose what genders you want to order using Connector Gener option...
Ex Tax:€3.20
Model: WEB400
WEB400 LMR-alternative cable, consists of a 2.74mm CCA conductor, foam polyethylene insulation, and bonded aluminum tape with tinned copper wire braid. NOTE 1: Only N-Type connector will fit the WEB400 cable. NOTE 2: With Termination - terminated either with N-Male or N-Female, you choose. NOTE 3:..
Ex Tax:€3.20
Model: MISC-94
PUCK- Series Double sided Adhesive Base foam gasket OD:97xID:20xH:3mm,Foam,Black..
Ex Tax:€3.25
Model: MISC-95
PUCK- Series Double sided Adhesive Base foam gasket OD:97xID:20xH:3mm,Foam,White..
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Model: MISC-97
MIMO-2-V2-xx Foam Sealer black..
Ex Tax:€4.88
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