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Cellular Gateways

Model: TRB141
Its a 10Mbps capable LTE gateway, that supports VPN, IPSec, FOTA and Firewall feature. Great for low bandwidth requirement, where your main goal is remote connection, remote monitoring and control. Equipped with secure RutOS router software, sufficient processing power, and Teltonika Networks Remote..
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Model: TRB255
The TRB255 is a Dual-SIM 4G/LTE Gateway, ideal for industrial equipment integration and application. Supports Auto-Failover, VPN, I/O ports and various mounting options. It’s another versatile and robust member of the TRB gateway family from Teltonika Networks, which supports various VPN protocol th..
Ex Tax:€142.28
Model: TRB142
TRB142 LTE RS232 Gateway is a small, lightweight, robust, reliable and energy efficient IoT device equipped with mission-critical LTE capabilities, an RS232 serial communication port and a Linux environment offering a high degree of customization, designed to do IoT projects with ease. This model is..
Ex Tax:€169.92
Model: TRB245
The TRB245, is another great product from the Lithuania based manufacturing company, that features Dual SIM and auto-switching capabilities between mobile networks. With this feature, you can configure auto-failover between two 4G LTE connection, and additional WAN backup from either your DSL or Fib..
Ex Tax:€178.05
Model: TRB500
Teltonika Networks finally released its highly sought-after Industrial 5G Gateway, and Router model in 2022, the TRB500, and the RUTX50. Both models mentioned can be used with the Poynting 5G Capable Antennas, like the; MIMO-3-V2 series Antennas, XPOL-2-5G, and the XPOL-1-5G. The TRB500 is a full-fe..
Ex Tax:€416.26
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