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Poynting BRKT-037 Antenna Mounting Bracket

It’s a heavy duty flat mount marine antenna mounting bracket (1"-14T 316S/S) with rubber seal. You can use this bracket to mount compatible Poynting Antenna mod..

€36.29 Ex Tax: €29.99

Poynting BRKT-038 Antenna Mounting Bracket

It’s a stainless stell heavy duty marine ratchet rail mounting antenna bracket (1"-14T 316S/S). You can use this bracket to mount compatible Poynting Antenna mo..

€157.34 Ex Tax: €130.03

Poynting BRKT-039 Antenna Mounting Bracket

Use this to mount Poynting compatible cellular antennas on a boat, yacht, or other marine vessel and applications. It’s a heavy duty marine mount antenna bracke..

€92.55 Ex Tax: €76.49

Poynting BRKT-33 ±45° Polarisation Mounting Bracket for LPDA-92 Double Antenna Configuration

You can use 3mm galvanised mild steel bracket to mount your OMNI-69 antenna or your LPDA-92 antenna in double-antenna configuration mode (MIMO for 4G LTE). You ..

€49.19 Ex Tax: €40.65

Poynting BRKT-40 Mounting Adapter Bracket for OMNI-296/275/69 or 291

The BRKT-4O (with brass inserts, see image) should be used to mount your Poynting OMNI-69, OMNI-275, OMNI-296 or even the OMNI-291 Antenna model, on any marine ..

€34.43 Ex Tax: €28.46

Poynting CAB-047 and CAB-049 Single HDF195 Cable

The Poynting CAB-047 and CAB-049 is a 5M & 10M, respectively, Single HDF195 Cable, terminated with N-Type (Male) to SMA (Male). You can use this to run cabl..

€26.14 Ex Tax: €21.60

Poynting CAB-092 & CAB-109 Dual-SMA Low Loss Coaxial Cable for 4G LTE Antennas

The Poynting CAB-092 & CAB-109 are both twin SMA coaxial low-loss cable that you should use with any 4G LTE modem/router to take advantage of the LTE MIMO t..

€33.45 Ex Tax: €27.64

Poynting CAB-093/94 Single HDF195 SMA (Male) to SMA (Female) Cable

It's a Poynting Single HDF195 SMA (Male) to SMA (Female) Cable. CAB-093 share the same specs with CAB-094, the only difference is the length in meters.CAB-09..

€15.74 Ex Tax: €13.01