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30 Jan Garveys Supervalu Shopping Experience Optimised, Modernised, and Revolutionised
Gary 0 104
Garvey Group is one of Ireland’s largest food retail groups, with locations throughout Munster including Kerry, Limerick, Cork, and Waterford. Garvey’s success has been achieved through the managemen..
27 Jan Iconic Offices, Cork, NSQ2 - Creates The Best Flexible Workspace Offering In The Market
Gary 0 110
Leading flexible workspace provider in Ireland, Iconic Offices is passionate about developing cutting-edge workspace for forward-thinking businesses. They are an Irish-owned and -founded company that..
23 Nov Glanbia Manufacturing  Plant in Ireland
Gary 0 460
Glanbia is an Irish multinational food production company supplying food products throughout the world. Their products span dairy and agribusiness and are used in over 100 countries. Glanbia is commi..
23 Nov The Mater Private Hospital
Gary 0 413
It is not surprising that hospitals play such an essential role in our society, protecting our health and well-being. The Challenge The Mater Private in Cork has 102 in-patient beds and 6 operating t..
14 Nov Solve your internet problem today. Stop waiting for your Fibre connection, you don’t need it!
Gary 0 354
No business can thrive without a proper internet connection. Simple productivity tasks like getting into a Zoom call and being able to listen and see everyone on such call, downloading the latest prod..
11 Nov Fixed Wireless Broadband Solution For 5G NR Connection by Michael M
Gary 0 729
Another success story from our valued client Michael M. (Donegal). Michael M. enquired about our product solutions, on which Poynting Antenna products would best suit his specific needs. Gary, who is ..
23 Aug Our Clients: Well-known Establishments and Companies Installed with Mobile Signal Solution
Gary 0 716
We’re glad to announce that we’ve successfully rolled out a bespoke solution for several well-known companies and establishments here in Ireland. We have been able to provide 100% satisfaction to all..
20 May Teltonika Networks: Industrial Routers & Gateways Manufacturer
0 1002
Looking at the current progress of the modern world, we see significant milestones achieved by the continuous efforts and experiments of hundreds and thousands of researchers, developers, manufacturer..
17 Nov Engenius Outperforms Leading Enterprise Wi-Fi Solutions
0 993
Network World (IDG) recently tested 11ax (Wi-Fi 6) routers from Extreme, Cisco, Meraki and EnGenius to find out whether these access points deliver on the latest standard’s promise of better throughpu..
17 Nov Types Of Mobile Signal Repeaters
0 1060
The purpose of all mobile signal repeaters is to perform the same basic function they were designed for: to pick up the mobile signal at one location, and then reproduce (or “repeat”) the signal in a..
17 Nov Key Advantages of Teltonika RutOS: Security
0 1105
Security risk tests are performed constantly on all Teltonika Networks devices, and all products are being periodically updated to eliminate any potential weaknesses and assure the highest level of sa..
17 Nov Getting Signal In An Underground Car Park
0 1040
Problem As the car park is part of a hospital and patients who were attending as outpatients were required to remain in their vehicle until receiving a text to tell them their appointment time had now..
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