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Marine Repeaters

Marine Repeaters
Brand: StellaDoradus
The StellaDoradus MarineBoost 3.1 - amplifies the mobile signal it receives, and re-transmit it to an area of your ship, boats, yachts, to where the mini-transmitter antenna is poi..
Ex Tax:€872.36
Brand: StellaDoradus
The SD-RP1002-GDW-O-4P repeater system boosts mobile signal for 4G (LTE-1800Mhz), 3G and voice calls. This remarkable system was designed and made to bring amplified mobile signal ..
Ex Tax:€1,349.59
Brand: StellaDoradus
It’s a signal amplifier not just for 4G LTE Data, but also for 700MHz, GSM 900, and 3G data. Use this if you want to boost signal reception in your mobile data routers, such as; Ci..
Ex Tax:€1,680.49
Brand: StellaDoradus
StellaDoradus SD-RP1002-LGDWH-O MarineBoost 5.1 - Boosts Mobile Signal Onto Your Ship, Boats, Yachts (1000m2) Supported Networks: GSM, 3G, 4G (all frequencies) Supported Freque..
Ex Tax:€1,427.64
Brand: StellaDoradus
StellaDoradus SD-RP1002-LGDWH-O-4 (MarineBoost 5.4) Multi-band Marine Repeater for Big Ships - Boosts Mobile Signal Onto Your Ship, Boats, Yachts (4000m2) Provides: GSM, 3G..
Ex Tax:€2,120.33
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