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Wi-Fi Distribution by Novatel Communications Ltd.

Could you live without Wi-Fi? I am a strong advocate of digital detoxes and time out from the Internet, working online all day and then scrolling for hours. Let’s be honest we all fall victim to flicking from one feed to the next, so a break is always well advised. However there is no doubt that good wifi availability and strength is the key to every successful online adventure whether it is business meetings online, showcasing your business online, or building your business to an audience that prior to the Internet would have required lots of time and lots of money, these days many people even find love online, so our world has changed and it has changed FAST as a result of the internet.

The products that we use to get connected to the world wide web and then most importantly stay connected to the www need to be as fast-paced in design to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of life on the Net. The products must evolve in design, easy setup, features, and benefits, after support and care. The products must provide us with confidence in their reliability, durability, and stability to carry out the tasks they were intended for.

And boy do we demand WiFi, EnGenius Novatel’s partner for next-generation WiFi solutions, design and manufacture products that tick every box when it comes to WiFi connectivity from single access point solutions for home and business to large buildings, stadiums, airports, if it needs wifi, it needs EnGenius.

The first step to getting online is obviously getting an internet connection in place which Novatel solves with our impressive range of Teltonika Routers and Poynting antennas, the next step is creating a whole building wifi solution and there are several solutions out there but choosing the right solution is what is paramount, EnGenius has a range of products designed for different uses, indoor, outdoor, bridges, therefore getting a solution that works for you is easy within the brand's offerings. The systems are scalable and customisable, giving you total control over your network and how people access that network, extra layers of security is available on the devices.

Using a professional WiFi planner Novatel can design for you a tailored system, delivering heat maps and expected coverage before you buy, giving you the confidence that you need before spending a dime. From there our team of highly skilled and experienced installation engineers can deploy the solution with ease, whether new build or retrofit, we do it all ensuring strong, consistent and reliable internet in every corner of your building.

Engenius manufactures the entire product in-house, removing letdowns of suppliers, stock shortages, etc giving us the edge and the competitive advantage as we have the solution when you need it most. When other suppliers suffered shortages during the recent Covid fallout, we had enough stock to ensure people remained online and connected.

From the minute you open the box, the quality of the design and the materials immediately stand out. The products come with simple instructions for setup and deployment. Customers with little to no experience in IT report positive feedback on all of the P2P Bridges, Access Points, Switches, gateways, and network management.

Constantly evolving, Engenius is an industry leader with over 20 years of experience in delivering innovative world-class solutions and Novatel is proud to be a trusted and approved partner for Ireland and beyond.