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Fixed Wireless Broadband Access Solution

In addition to perfect call quality, why not Solve your internet problems today? Stop waiting for your Fibre connection, you don’t need it!

No home or business in today’s world can thrive without a proper internet connection. Simple productivity tasks like getting into a Zoom call and being able to listen and see everyone on such a call, downloading the latest product catalogue of your supplier, accessing your cloud-based File, ERP or CRM systems, or simply loading a webpage, shopping online or booking that next well deserved holiday, these tasks should not be something you worry about. This is not, however, what’s happening in so many regions in our country, and we keep daydreaming of a fibre service being offered to our door.

Do We Need Fibre?

Do we really need to keep on waiting? Do we really need a Fibre connection to run our home or business?

The evolution and proliferation of LTE/5G has made it that, today, in Ireland, there’s a 99% coverage of 4G networks – considering the 3 main providers. This coverage is, however, street coverage. Often, we’re on a Whatsapp call while driving or walking on the street, and the minute we enter a building, the quality of our call just drops – or the call itself drops. Like standard calls as previously discussed this is because LTE/5G signal has a hard time going through the structure of our buildings (bricks, concrete, iron, and wood, amongst others).

LTE/5G As a Solution

We are, business owners/decision makers or private users, then led to disregard LTE/5G as a solution to our office/home internet needs.

But think again, when was the last time your mobile phone didn’t have LTE/5G connection when you were on the street? Is it really that unreliable or are we missing something?

LTE/5G has numerous benefits when compared to all existing internet access options. The first one, the most important one and the one we tend to overlook the most, it’s there! It is that simple. Outside your building, you can pick up good quality LTE/5G signal. Compared to any other internet connection alternative, LTE/5G has by far the easiest and quickest deployment of all: no wiring, and no waiting. It has a way bigger coverage than any wired access alternative and, again, it’s there. You just need to pick it up with the right equipment and, most probably, you will get better speeds than with your phone.

Secondly, it’s super reliable. Again, when was the last time your cell phone’s outdoor LTE connection was “down”? The redundant nature of LTE/5G, with multiple towers, makes it more reliable than wired broadband which is prone to physical errors, or satellite which can be affected by the weather. Most locations are served by multiple cell towers, which means if a cell tower goes down, networks will remain up and running.

Thirdly, the speeds offered are more than sufficient to tackle all your needs. Do you really need those 500Mbps you saw in that TV ad? For 99% of us, the answer is no. But even if you do, LTE/5G will get you there. LTE offers today, typical download speeds between 20, and 200 Mbps – probably the speeds you need. However, 5G is blowing those numbers away, with speeds ranging from 200 to 700Mbps – yes, in Ireland (329Mbps download speed, 16km away from the cell tower)!

Finally, “But NBI promised the Fibre will be here in the next 6 months, what do I do then?”.

Stop Wasting Time!

Solve your problem today, stop wasting time and money while you wait.

LTE/5G is the key to unlocking fast internet access today. The only thing which is needed is to do it right. With the right router, the right outdoor Poynting antenna, and the right Teltonika cellular router.

It’s this simple. Why wait? Contact Novatel today and let us guide you to a solution that will keep you talking and keep you connected.