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Making Digital Communications Faster, Easier and More Reliable

Many modern homes and commercial buildings are built in a way to ensure that they are extra insulated, and reinforced, and this creates huge problems when it comes to mobile phone signals. Dead zones, shaky coverage, and unreliability are some of the major problems that are now commonly encountered. This problem also extends to buildings that are constructed with metal or cladding, have thick stone walls or concrete.

In all of the above situations the signal that is broadcast from your local cell tower simply will not permeate inside to reach your mobile phone, costing you time and money with missed or dropped calls and frustrating data connection drop-offs.

Novatel is the approved distributor for Stella Doradus, an Irish manufacturer of globally renowned repeaters that instantly improve mobile phone coverage for both calls and data across 2G, 3G, 4G & 5G. The repeaters are wideband and multi-operator, giving instant improvement to call quality and data connectivity once correctly installed.

Thanks To StellaDoradus Advanced Technology

Advanced Mobile Phone Repeater technology from Stella Doradus provides crystal clear voice calls and reliable mobile data solutions to small or large areas where phone signals are currently weak to non-existent indoors. Licensed Repeater Systems solves these problems by capturing even the weakest of signals outdoors, adding amplification, and redistributing the signal to whatever area you desire, instantly making your communication problems a thing of the past.

Enterprise and Commercial Signal Solution

The intelligent repeater devices and enterprise solutions that we provide are available in a range of scalable options starting with DIY-ready Kits with one. four internal antennas right up to Enterprise and Commercial solutions which cover buildings of all sizes, designs, and locations. If the signal needs to be improved for any cellular device then Novatel is the partner with the knowledge, experience, and skill to plan, design, install, and commission the correct solution for your individual location and requirements.

Commercial solutions are very different from domestic solutions and require a totally different approach. Mistakes are commonly made in the areas of planning, design, and installation of RF Repeater systems when the correct skillset, experience, and knowledge are not applied. There is a common misunderstanding that RF Repeater Systems can be approached in the same manner as WIFI Distribution systems and this mistake costs money and time.

For large or complex buildings, when approached without the necessary training and experience, the system is likely to underperform and in many cases completely fail either at the time of installation or within the first few months. This can be avoided by employing the right people for the job, Novatel has a proven track record and can ensure that costly mistakes are avoided, the system that is deployed is correct for the environment/requirements, and the installation is done successfully the first time without the need for callbacks or frustrating downtime.

Professional Site Survey

On first contact with Novatel, your current situation and signal issues will be immediately & professionally assessed by our team to direct you to the correct solution.

Together we will discuss your signal issues so we can better understand the challenges you are facing and the desired outcomes you hope to achieve. Often, we can offer a suitable solution over the phone for a self-install. As the leading Stella Doradus installer in Ireland we are also available to discuss installation options should they be required.

For larger/more complex projects, we may discuss a site visit so one of our experienced engineers can complete a comprehensive site survey using our professional and industry-specific signal analyser tools. Post site survey, we will meet with you (the client) to discuss the survey findings and offer a tailored solution to meet your needs. Post-site survey we will set up a meeting with you to discuss the findings of the survey and offer a tailored solution to meet your needs.

Novatel, the Most Trusted Company When It Comes to Signal Solutions

Novatel is a trusted partner in the area of sales and installations for cellular signal solutions of Mobile phone repeater Systems and DAS (distributed antenna systems) designing for, supplying to, and providing professional installation on projects of all sizes in various types of challenging environments.

We have achieved excellence in every area as a result of our focus, skillset, our passion, and our dedication to exceeding our reputation as industry leaders. We consistently work hard to give our customers the solutions they need on time and on budget.

We are solutions focused and are driven by our continued success. We create long-term relationships with our manufacturers and suppliers, we invest in the ongoing training and upskilling of our team so that we can achieve for you, our customer, a solution that you can rely on- not just today but into the future, creating an enhanced call and data connection for you where it matters most.