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Poynting EPNT-4 Outdoor Omnirectional Antenna, and a Router/Modem Enclosure - Main

Poynting EPNT-4 Outdoor Omnirectional Antenna, and a Router/Modem Enclosure - Main
Poynting EPNT-4 Outdoor Omnirectional Antenna, and a Router/Modem Enclosure - Main
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  • Brand: Poynting
  • Model: A-EPNT-0004-V1
  • Weight: 2.21kg
  • Dimensions: 40.50cm x 28.00cm x 20.00cm
  • MPN: A-EPNT-0004-V1

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Upgrade your router or networking device w/ the ePoynt-4 (also called EPNT-4) antenna enclosure. It is designed to fit a variety of router & networking modules. You can transform your 4G or 5G routers into a CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) device, thanks to its unique design that makes it an attractive element on your house, company, or yacht. It looks great and provides a unique Internet access experience.

The EPNT-4 includes up to four cross-polarized cellular antennas, which are cross-polarized, making it ideal for 4x4 MIMO (ideal for 5G Routers or Gateways) or dual 2x2 MIMO routers. The 4x4 MIMO delivers enhanced performance in built-up areas where several base stations are close by, but higher stability and throughput are required.

It’s easy to set up, just plug in your new router or networking device, and you’re ready to go!

This EPNT has its older siblings, the EPNT-1 and EPNT-2. Please click on their links, they might interest you or could be suitable for your specific application.

Quick Tech Specs

  • 617MHz - 4200 MHz
  • 2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi
  • 1x GPS Glonass
  • 3dBi Maximum Gain
  • Router compartment
  • 2x2 & 4x4 MIMO Cross Polarized 4G & 5G

Benefits You’ll Get From the EPNT-4

  • Reduced signal loss due to long cable run from the antenna to router/gateway
  • Higher throughput
  • A cleaner and awesome looking Installation (Quick & Easy installation)
  • 4x4 MIMO for improved equipment performance/throughput
  • Ultra-wideband as it covers 617 to 7200 MHz. This includes:
    • LTE/5G bands from 617 to 4200 MHz
    • Band 71 from 617 to 698 MHz
    • CBRS Band from 3.5 to 4.2 GHz
    • Dual-Band Wi-Fi antennas for 2.4 GHz and 5 to 7.2 GHz
  • Exceptional performance across the whole band, excellent for carrier aggregation
  • Future-proof 5G antenna enclosure ideal for Fixed Wireless Broadband Access installations

EPNT-4 Features

  • Cross-polarised for optimal performance
  • Global coverage for all relevant frequencies
  • Serves not only 4G or 5G routers but modems and modules
  • Versatile Mounting Options; Wall, Pole, and Table-top mount
  • Excellent radiation patterns (a must for high-performing antennas)
  • Install / Mount / Deploy cellular routers/gateways outdoors (IP67 Rated)
  • Maximum router size: 140 x 120 x 50 mm3. Fits i.e. Robustel 1520, Sierra Wireless, Teltonika (RUTX12, RUTX11, RUTX50, TRB00) and others

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EPNT-4 Full Technical Specification

Frequency Bands 617-960 MHz
1427-1517 MHz
1710-2700 MHz
Gain (Max) 1 dBi @ 617-960 MHz
2 dBi @ 1427-1517 MHz
3 dBi @ 1710-2700 MHz
0 dBi @ 3400-4200 MHz
VSWR <3:1
Feed Power Handling 10 W
Input Impedance 50 Ohm (nominal)
Polarisation Cell 1: ±45°Cross Polarised
Cell 2: ±45°Cross Polarised
Frequency 2400-2500 MHz
5000-7200 MHz
Gain (Max) 2.2 dBi @ 2400-2500 MHz
5 dBi @ 5000-7200 MHz
VSWR <2.5:1 over 90% of the band
Feed Power Handling 10 W
Nominal Input Impedance 50 Ohm (nominal)
Polarisation Wi-Fi (Main): Vertical & Horizontal Cross Polarised
Wi-Fi (Aux): ±45° Cross Polarised
Product Dimensions 351 mm x 238 mm x 182 mm
Maximum Router Dimensions 140 mm x 120 mm x 50 mm
Packaged Dimensions 405 mm x 280 mm x 200 mm
Radome Material UV Stable ASA
Radome Colour Brilliant White
Pantone P 179-1C
Mounting Type Wall, or Pole, or Surface Mounted
Antenna Wind Survival ≤220 km/h
Included Bracket Wind Survival ≤190 km/h
Optional Bracket/Surface Mount Wind Survival ≤220 km/h
Temperature Range (Operating) -40°C to +80°C
Environmental Conditions Outdoor/Indoor
Ingress Protection IP67
Salt Spray MIL-STD 810 / ASTM B-117
Operating Relative Humidity Up to 98%
Storage Humidity 5% to 95% - non-condensing
Storage Temperature -40°C to +80°C
Enclosure Flammability Rating UL 94-HB
Impact Resistance IK10
Product Safety & Environmental Complies with CE and RoHS standards
NOTE: *Routers/Router boards have their own operating temperatures as provided in their individual data sheets. Routers/router boards mounted within an EPNT-4 which is exposed to solar radiation will operate at 10-12°C above ambient temperature. Please take this into consideration and select your device to be used with the EPNT-4 accordingly.
Tech Specs Table UPDATED: 

Antenna Variants

  A-EPNT-0004-V1-15 A-EPNT-0004-V1-17
Ports Ports 1 & 2: LTE
Ports 3 & 4: Wi-Fi
Port 5: GPS
Ports 1, 2, 3 & 4: LTE
Ports 5 & 6: Wi-Fi
Port 7: GPS
2x2 MIMO: Wi-Fi
2x2 MIMO: Wi-Fi
Coax Cable Type RTK-031 - LTE, Wi-Fi & GPS RTK-031 - LTE, Wi-Fi & GPS
Coax Cable Length 150 mm - LTE, Wi-Fi & GPS 150 mm - LTE, Wi-Fi & GPS
Connector Type RA SMA (M) - LTE, Wi-Fi & GPS RA SMA (M) - LTE, Wi-Fi & GPS
Weight 1.175 kg 1.19 kg
Packaged Weight 2.19 kg 2.21 kg
EAN 6009710924853 6009710924877
NOTE: *The coax cables & connectors are factory-mounted to the antenna.

Technical Drawings

Technical Drawings for the Poynting EPNT-4 Antenna  and Enclosure for Routers/Gateways

Router/Gateway Mounting Dimensions

Illustration for the Poynting EPNT-4 Mounting Dimensions and Guide

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