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Home Repeaters

Home Repeaters

We have the perfect solution to boost your mobile data and voice signal for all operators in Ireland. Our mobile signal repeaters for home are easy to install and use, making it simple for you to enjoy fast, reliable mobile services.

Why Stella Doradus Repeaters?

StelleHome Repeater Series come with single internal antenna, which can cover 2-5 rooms, depending on your house built/construction. It can solve your weak cell phone signal problems immediately with these ready-to-use home signal repeater kits.

Please explore all repeater kits below, which are Guaranteed Irish, and manufactured in Waterford by Stella Doradus. And best of all, these repeaters are ComReg-approved, and come with 3-year warranty.

Take note, that these repeaters (or some call it signal boosters) are not restricted to operators, but frequency band(s). So, for example, you get a 900MHz repeater, then it will boost all network operators using this particular frequency band gets boosted in your target area.

Choosing the Model

Choose the particular model that can support the Frequency Band you are receiving in your target area. For example, you did a Field Test, and found out that your operator is transmitting 4G 800MHz in your area, then you will need a 800Mhz repeater (SD-RP1002-L) kit.

You can choose from the following; SD-RP1002-L (800MHz), SD-RP1002-G (900MHz), SD-RP1002-D (1800MHz), SD-RP1002-W (2100MHz), SD-RP1002-H (2600MHz), SD-RP1002-GW (900MHz/2100MHz), SD-RP1002-GD (900MHz/1800MHz), SD-RP1002-LG (800MHz/900MHz), SD-RP1002-GDW (900MHz/1800MHz), SD-RP1002-LGW (800MHz/900MHz/2100MHz), SD-RP1002-LGDWH (800 / 900 / 1800 / 2100 / 2600 Mhz)

Always take note of this, the primary key to knowing which repeater to choose is by knowing which frequency band you are receiving. You need to go through a process called FIELD TEST, to find which frequencies you’re on, and match that up with the frequency supported by our mobile signal booster for home kit.

These are Single Band Mobile Signal Repeaters for Home and Small-Office use..
These are Dual-band Mobile Signal Repeaters for Home, and Small-Office use...
These are Tri-band Mobile Signal Repeaters for Home, and Small-office use...
These are Multi-band Mobile Signal Repeaters for Home, and Small-office use..