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StellaDoradus iR4-UK Repeater Kit with LCD - Legally Boost Mobile Signal in the UK (iR4-UK)

StellaDoradus iR4-UK Repeater Kit with LCD - Legally Boost Mobile Signal in the UK (iR4-UK)
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Legally boost mobile signal for 800/ 900/ 1800/ 2100 MHz Frequency Bands. Yeah! you heard that right! The StellaDoradus iR4-UK Repeater Kit is capable of amplifying mobile signals for voice and data for the above-mentioned frequency bands.

The capability of this repeater is not a network or mobile operator specific, but frequency specific. So for example you wanted to boost 900MHz (which is usually the frequency used for voice/SMS), the repeater will boost all network operators in the UK (Vodafone, O3, Three, EE, etc) using this particular frequency band that is being transmitted in your area.


  • Coverage: 2-5 rooms
  • Support for 800/ 900/ 1800/ 2100 MHz Frequency Bands (Band: B20, B8, B3, B1)
  • Amplifies Mobile Signal For All Operators.
  • Easy-to-Install Kit: 1 outdoor antenna, 1 indoor antenna, 12m outdoor cable, repeater + power supply
  • LCD touchscreen, Turn OFF/ON bands, Add attenuation to any band
  • Increased bandwidth, Faster data speeds than 3 band, 2 band and 1 band
  • Better coverage with the lower frequency whilst better data speeds with the higher frequency
  • Supports unlimited numbers of users/devices
  • CE approved / Comreg and Ofcom approved
  • Designed, manufactured, and tested in Ireland, EU.

How Does This Mobile Signal Repeater work?

The antenna on the roof picks up the signal from all networks and sends it down the cable to the R4 repeater. The R4 (SD-RP1002-LGDW) amplifies this signal and sends it around the home. All mobile devices in this room can now communicate with this enhanced signal.

The R4 repeater provides more control. Switch on/off or attenuate any band. This is useful when close to a mobile tower and a reduction in signal strength is required. Sometimes switching off a particular band can be beneficial, as it forces the data over the other bands which can be faster.


The R4 repeater boosts four frequency bands.

  1. B20 (800MHz): Suitable for rural locations, and when the phone is in weak signal areas.
  2. B8 (900MHz): Great for voice calls.
  3. B3 (1800MHz): Fast data speeds in urban locations.
  4. B1 (2100MHz): Fast data speeds in urban locations.

Having four frequencies allows for carrier aggregation which means a combination of 2 or more bands is possible and will result in much greater data speeds.

The Repeater Kit is very easy-to-install and requires no further attention once plugged in. It seamlessly amplifies the mobile signals from outside the building and sends them around inside the building.

Signal Reach/Coverage

The coverage of the R4 repeater is 800 square meters in open space. In practice, this equates to about 4 large-sized rooms in a typical house.

Note: The stronger the signal strength outside the house, the greater the indoor coverage. The larger and more open the interior space, the greater the indoor coverage. (Concrete walls block signal.)

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