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StellaDoradus 2600MHz Frequency Band Signal Repeater Kit (SD-RP1002-H-15MSD240-YGI)

StellaDoradus 2600MHz Frequency Band  Signal Repeater Kit (SD-RP1002-H-15MSD240-YGI)
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  • Brand: StellaDoradus
  • Model: SD-RP1002-H-15MSD240-YGI
  • Weight: 0.60kg
  • Dimensions: 16.00cm x 15.00cm x 3.50cm
  • MPN: SD-RP1002-H

Single Band: 2600MHz

Absolutely! You can significantly improve your LTE (2600MHz) signal reception inside your house or office w/ this repeater. You can have signal coverage with this baby, even in thick-walled rooms and between highly-insulated walls. It can cover around 4-rooms. Install one now, it's safe and legal to use Ireland.

Read further below, to know more.

The SD-RP1002-H Features

  • Provides 4G (LTE) signal inside your home
  • Frequency: 2600Mhz
  • Manufactured in Ireland
  • Legal  to use in Irelandand fully EU compliant
  • ComReg Approved
  • Boosts all mobile operators
  • Everything included for complete installation
  • Coverage: ~4 rooms
  • No Sim card required, no extra bills

How the StellaHome-H 4G Repeater Works

The outdoor antenna outside on your roof collects the 4G 2600Mhz mobile signal and sends it down the cable to the 4G repeater.

The 4G repeater then amplifies this signal and re-transmits it into the area where you want coverage. Mobile phones and laptops in that area then communicate with the improved 4G signal.

Network operators transmit 4G at 2600Mhz in urban locations. If you live in a town or city, and you want to boost only 4G, this is a good option for you.

Please check that your mobile operator is offering 4G at 2600Mhz in your town.

How To Install The StellaDoradus SD-RP-1002-H Signal Booster Kit

Image: Stelladoradus SD-RP1002-H Office Repeater Setup Overview
Reference Image: StellaDoradus SD-RP1002-H Mobile Signal Repeater Installation Overview - Illustration showing the repeater how it is installed in a house.

To install the SD-RP-1002-H booster kit, follow the simple steps below.

Note: The unit used in the video demo is not the actual SD-RP-1002-H model.

Step-by-Step Installation

  1. Install the outdoor antenna in a place where you know you have reasonable signal, like your roof or mast.
  2. Run the cable down to the booster device and connect it. A 12 meter cable length should be the maximum for optimal performance.
  3. Plug in the power to the booster device.
  4. That’s it!

There are smartphone apps available that you can use to exactly point your receiver antenna to the nearest network operator's mast.

We recommend the OpenSignal app for both iPhone and Android.

NOTE: The external receiver antenna has an LED light signal strength indicator. Please refer to the YouTube below on how to use.

What's In The Box?

Reference Image: What's in the box of a signal booster kit.

This product can come ask kit (or just the repeater device, plus power supply, but w/o antenna), in the box you'll fine the signal amplifier, two panel antennas - one for indoor (transmitter antenna) and one for outdoor (receiver antenna), cable set for connecting the antennas, power supply and user's manual.

Mobile Phone Signal Repeater Kit for Domestic Use: What To Expect In Your Purchase

How To Buy?

To buy the SD-RP1002-H signal booster, you can call us to order using this number - +353 222 3440, or use the Add to Cart button on this page and go through the secured, easy and fast checkout process.

You can pay using your Credit Card via the Secured Stripe Payment Gateway.

How Will My Order Be Delivered?

All orders are shipped via express delivery and are normally delivered within 1-4 business days. Your order will be dispatched directly from our warehouse and you will be provided a tracking information for your order, after it is dispatched. If you have any questions on your order status, please contact us.

So, what are you waiting for? Order today and start boosting cellphone signal in your home or small office.

Works as Vodafone Signal Booster, and can also work for 3, Meteor, Tesco, EIR, and other mobile networks in Ireland Europe and the rest of the world.


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