Another success story from our valued client Michael M. (Donegal).

Michael M. enquired about our product solutions, on which Poynting Antenna products would best suit his specific needs. Gary, who is from the Novatel Tech Team quickly engage Micahel, and suggested products solution that would suit his needs.

To cut the long story short, Gary recommended the EPNT-2 plus XPOL-2-5G antenna for a 4x4 MIMO 5G connection. Michael agreed to the solution and processed his order with Sharon.

Please read the full testimonial below.

The Fixed Wireless Access Solution via 5G Connection

I live 16-Kilometer away from my only visible base station. I have a unique issue with X55 Qualcomm-based modems being unable to register a 5G NR connection at this range - after field testing I finally found a device that worked, an A22 5G phone, it managed to connect so I found a router that had the same Mediatek-based modem (Zyxel NR5103E Three UK Branded router) and I needed to take the PCB out of this device and put it in an outdoor enclosure to reduce the 12 meters coax cable run I had which was killing my signal, especially high frequencies like N78 5G band with higher dB loss per meter.

I decided to order from Novatel because I got my LTE setup there (LPDA 92’s) before and they work great on 4G but I need different equipment for this problem.

I ordered the XPOL-2-5G and the EPNT-2 from Novatel and Sharon handled everything for me. They arrived the next day.

The Zyxel has quite a large PCB but after a tedious disassembly, it fits inside the EPNT-2 perfectly. I ran 2 IPEX-SMA Male pigtails from the PCB to the Antenna ports of the EPNT-2 and ran the other two to the antenna port gland on the ePoynt.

Two cross-polarised antennas inside the EPNT-2 at +-45 degrees and I mounted the XPOL-2-5G in a diamond shape so it covers the vertical and horizontal polarity for full 4X4 MIMO.

Speed Improvement

My speeds previously were maxed 100Mbps on a good day with 4 band carrier aggregation on LTE+A, peak time would drop down to 40Mbps.

Now I can finally connect to the 5G N78 band and I have consistent 200-300Mbps and 30Mbps upload.

The signal before eliminating the 12m cable run is -126 RSRP on N78.

With the EPNT-2 and XPOL-V3 5G, it’s -96 RSRP on N78.


Massive improvement in signal quality and a huge increase in download speeds. Michael tried other cheap antennas that claimed to be for the N78 band and didn’t even pick them up at all! I couldn’t recommend anywhere else to get the equipment I need, but Novatel Communications!

  • Date of experience: 07 November 2022
  • Status: Problem Fixed
  • Region: Rural Ireland (complete fixed wireless broadband solution)
  • Products Used: XPOL-2-5G and the EPNT-2