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Whole Home & WiFi System Installation Service

Mesh Networking Using Tenda Nova MW Series

Tenda Nova MW Series - For Mesh Networking

In need of a new WiFi setup, or perhaps you're looking for a better WiFi system that can solve your dead-spot problem, super laggy video calls or online gaming experience? Well, look no further! Because Novatel Team is here to help you out.

Here at Novatel, we setup professional Whole Home WiFi System that will surely give solution to your Internet Signal problem. We have the experience, expertise, and the latest technology in home WiFi system. We use reliable equipment and we partnered with one of the best known company in the world of Internet connectivity. Yes! We use Tenda's latest line of WiFi products - the WiFi Mesh System for homes.

We recommend Tenda Nova MW3 or the MW6 product models. Not only they're affordable, but they are also of high-quality and very reliable.

So if you're asking where to look for Mesh WiFi System installers here in Ireland, the answer will be... Novatel Communcations.

If you have some doubts about our service, then please read further below, to learn more about our Whole Home WiFi System Installation Service.

What Is A Whole & Home Wifi System?

A WHWS or Mesh WiFi is a system that consists of a primary router, and additional nodes or modules, installed in several locations inside your home or office, for a wider wifi coverage. Each node/module is interconnected to other nodes, forming a mesh-like structure and seamless wireless connection in and around your house. See reference image below.

wifi mesh network illustration

Unlike traditional Wifi Extenders/Expanders, WHWS' components (main router and nodes/modules) forms part of a single Wireless network. They share the same SSID and Password. So, regardless on which node you're currently on, you use the same info without switching SSID or password. So you're on one network, one SSID with seamless roaming connection.

Do I Need A Whole Home/Building Wifi?

If you need an uninterruptible wireless connection while on the move, in and around your house, or you wanted to eliminate deadzone or blackspot (between rooms with thick concrete walls, basement or attic), then you definitely need a WHWS.

WiFi in today's homes is something that we have come to expect. Today's time is the era of Smart Devices and Internet TVs.

It's very common these days to relax in front of a movie streaming via Netflix, playing multiplayer online games and even switching off the lights remotely using your phone. All these activities would not be possible without a fast, strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection in your home.

Unfortunately, many Irish finds that one spot if not more in their house suffers from WiFi dead/black spot - where signal is too weak or non-existent at all.

So what we recommend? Read further.

We can set you up a WiFi system that can cover your entire house and hard to reach areas by using either one system below.

WiFi Range Extenders

Until now, it is still acceptable to use WiFi range extenders/expanders to overcome the problem of wifi deadspot/zone. We can use powerline-based or ethernet extenders to slightly further your current signal coverage, than your main router can. However, this has certain limitations. You can contact us if you need more details.

Whole Home Wifi System

Presenting... the new kid on the block - The Tenda Whole Home Wi-Fi System.

The Tenda NOVA MW series offers a promising feature known as Mesh Network (provides seamless connection), which you can take advantage of, in broadening your Wi-Fi signal reach. Exploit all of its features and provide high-speed wireless internet in and around your house. Make Wifi available inside your basement, attic, in between thick brick and concrete walls.

Need to cover more areas? No problemo! Add more nodes or modules to expand your mesh network. And what's good about it - you can use a single SSID and password. No additional SSID/Pasword to setup, unlike the usual way of setting an extenders.

The Tenda NOVA MW Product Models

Tenda Nova MW Mesh Routers

Tenda Nova MW Mesh Routers

Available in various models, the NOVA MW3 and MW6 are Tenda's Dual-Band capable mesh routers that we use in various type of setups. It includes an easy-to-use mobile management app, which let you do various things like; allows you to block unauthorized users with a single tap, parental control (to help your kids surf internet safely), setup a Guest Network (to let your friends connect to your WiFi, while protecting your privacy).

We use the MW3 or MW6 model, depending on your needs, to setup/install a whole house wifi system or any for the following:

  • Apartments
  • Bars & Clubs
  • Bed & Breakfasts
  • Commercial
  • Corporate
  • Domestic
  • Events
  • Hotels
  • New Builds
  • Waiting Areas

Novatel Communications is your trusted and reliable Sales & Installations Company for all your Signal Requirements, whether it be; for Mobile Phones, for the Internet, or for Television & Multimedia Entertainment.

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