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Model: R3-O-XXX
Triple Band Support (in MHz): 800 + 900 + 1800. The StellaDoradus Tri-Band Office Mobile Repeater is a cellular repeater system is that you would need if you are looking to boost your cellular signal inside your home or small office. It will amplify weak signals outside your house, and re-transmit ..
Ex Tax:€1,312.20
Model: SD-RP1002-GDW-O-4P
Triple Band: 900MHz / 1800MHz / 2100MHz Frequency Band(s) Support. The SD-RP1002-GDW-O-4P repeater system boosts mobile signal for 4G (LTE-1800Mhz), 3G, and voice calls. This remarkable system was designed and made to bring the amplified mobile signal to any ships, boats, yachts, etc. It can cover ..
Ex Tax:€1,416.26
Model: R5-C-XXX
Quint Band Repeater For; 700 + 800 + 900 + 1800 + 2100 Looking for a 5-band signal booster for homes? Then look no further! The Quint-Band Series of signal repeater kits from StellaDoradus is the best signal enhancer you would ever use. It amplifies five (5) frequency bands on any mobile network in..
Ex Tax:€1,432.52
Model: SD-RP1002-LGDWH-O
Multiple Band: 800MHz / 900MHz / 1800MHz / 2100MHz / 2600Mhz Frequency Band(s) Support. StellaDoradus SD-RP1002-LGDWH-O MarineBoost 5.1 - Boosts Mobile Signal Onto Your Ship, Boats, Yachts (1000m2) Supported Networks: GSM, 3G, 4G (all frequencies) Supported Frequenies: 800MHz + 900MHz + 1800MHz + ..
Ex Tax:€1,504.07
Model: R5-UK
Multiple Band: 700Mhz / 800MHz / 900MHz / 1800MHz / 2100MHz Frequency Band(s) Support. This 5G Mobile Signal repeater is the perfect fit for your home or small-office setup, to improve your weak signal on any operators in Ireland, UK, and the EU. Don’t waste another minute seeing those dreaded black..
Ex Tax:€1,576.00
Model: Combiner-6
Supported Frequencies: 800 / 900 / 1800 / 2100 / 2600Mhz It doesn’t matter whether you operate a single cell tower or a large network. The LTE-Combiner8 is professional-grade equipment that does exactly what it’s made for – boosting your signal. Never before has signal amplification been so easy to ..
Ex Tax:€2,168.29
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