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StellaDoradus 2ND Antenna Kit (Second Antenna KIT 10Mt)

StellaDoradus 2ND Antenna Kit (Second Antenna KIT 10Mt)
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  • Brand: StellaDoradus
  • Model: SD-2NDANTKIT-10M

The 2nd Antenna Kit is the perfect solution to upgrade your domestic Stelladoradus Kit from 1 internal Antenna to 2 Antennas. This addon will enable your repeater to cover more area in your house or small-office. The output signal from the repeater will be connected to a splitter box. This gives you 2 signal lines. Each of these lines can be connected to a panel antenna giving you extra coverage.

Note: by doing this, you have halving the power from the output of the repeater, so it is important that you have a good strong mobile signal outside your home in the first place in order for this setup to be effective.

The 2nd antenna kit includes:

  • 1x pigtail N-male / SMA male (repeater to splitter)
  • 1x splitter with N-female
  • 1x antenna with N-female
  • 1x adapter N-male / N-male (2nd antenna to splitter)
  • 1x 10Mt cable with N-male / SMA female (splitter to original antenna)

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