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EnGenius EOC: Outdoor Long-range Access Points

EnGenius Revolutionizes Connectivity with its New EOC Solution for Industrial and Smart City Applications

EnGenius’ EOC series is upgrading connectivity in smart cities and industrial settings with advanced Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint solutions. This new series features dual radios operating in 5GHz and 6GHz, along with integrated NMS for easy deployment and superior performance across various sectors.

The EOC series offers integrated Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint connectivity, catering to various sectors such as smart cities, remote industrial control, and public safety. Equipped with dual 5 GHz radios, it excels in dense RF environments, delivering secure and reliable broadband for last-mile and backhaul applications. The EOC series also includes a mobile app for easy deployment and usage by wireless technicians and installers. Engineered to meet the evolving needs of dynamic industries, it enhances efficiency and functionality.

EnGenius EOC655 Long-range Weather-proof IP67 Outdoor Access Point in Ireland
Long-range Weather-proof IP67 Outdoor Access Point with Built-in 18dBi Panel Antenna

Simplified Broadband Outdoor Wireless Deployment

The EOC series offers an exciting outdoor wireless solution, replacing traditional wired setups with a 2.4 GHz management radio and a user-friendly mobile app. This innovation simplifies antenna alignment and testing, cutting configuration time and errors. Its streamlined approach accelerates deployment, ensuring stable and efficient service, even in tough environments.

Enhanced Performance and Stability

This series is built to address performance and stability challenges in high radio frequency areas. With dual 5 GHz radios boasting a strong 2 Gbps link capacity, it tackles issues like network interference and synchronization failures. Intelligent RF and QoS management prioritize traffic for optimal performance. Advanced RF management and ‘dying gasp’ power failure detection enhance network resilience in tough power scenarios and crowded wireless environments.

Optimised Management for Efficient Multi-Tenant Services

The EOC series is a GPS-enabled networking solution featuring dual Gigabit Ethernet ports for easy troubleshooting and improved mapping and diagnostics. It includes the SkyConnect app and SkyPoint NMS for comprehensive network monitoring and asset management. The software suite offers tools for pre-install planning, on-site deployment, and ongoing network management. With advanced Layer 2 capabilities like VLAN support, Q-in-Q technology, and multicast and broadcast filtering, it’s an excellent option for ISPs in multi-tenant service setups.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Secure Data Transmission: Protect information with AES-256 encryption.
  • Accelerate Outage Recovery: Implement dying gasp alerts to isolate remote power-related issues.
  • Optimize RF Management: The network adapts to varying conditions to maintain network performance at its peak.
  • Ensure Outdoor Durability: Guarantee durability in harsh conditions with IP67-rated casing and surge protection.
  • Maximize Spectrum Efficiency: Utilize adaptive data rates and auto channel selection for effective bandwidth use.
  • Centralize Network Control: Manage networks with SkyPoint NMS and make adjustments on -the -go with the SkyConnect app.
  • Streamline Network Setup: Set up the network easily with mobile app support for real-time antenna alignment and diagnostics.
  • Increase Multi-Tenant Service Efficiency: Cater to ISPs with advanced Layer 2 features, ensuring secure and efficient network traffic management.
  • Enhance Network Capacity: Dual 5GHz radios offer a robust 2 Gbps link capacity, connecting up to 16 remote end devices in Point-to-Multipoint setups, perfect for large-scale networks.

Roger Liu, Executive Vice President at EnGenius, highlights that the EOC series is more than a mere product. He states…

This series represents a fusion of advanced hardware and innovative software designed to tackle the connectivity challenges faced in backhaul and last-mile applications across various urban, rural, and industries. We’re excited to streamline connectivity for our partners and customers with our new EOC solutions."

EnGenius will soon launch various models in the EOC655 series, featuring built-in panel and sector antennas. They’ll also allow connection with external antennas for added flexibility. Expected to hit markets in the first quarter of 2024, these EOC products will be accessible through EnGenius’ network of authorized resellers and distributors.

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Model: EOC655
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Model: EOC655-C18
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