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StellaDoradus Outdoor Parabolic Laser Antenna For Mobile Signal Repeater

StellaDoradus Outdoor Parabolic Laser Antenna For Mobile Signal Repeater
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You might think that the more mobile network mast in the area, the better. When in fact it is exactly the opposite. The more mast, the more noise, and the performance of your StellaDoradus repeater will degrade.

The SD Parabolic Laser antenna solves this problem.

How It Works

This antenna can laser target your chosen mobile operator’s mast (thanks to its narrow beam width of about 10 degrees), and can amplify the weak signal from across town with less noise from other towers (attenuating all the other unwanted signals from other masts/towers).

Reference Image: Reference Image: SD Parabolic Laser Antenna In Action

Technical Specification

Antenna Specifications
Frequency Band (MHz) 800, 900, 1800, 2100, 2600
Gain 14dBi at 900Mhz and 21dBi at 2100Mhz
Beamwidth 30deg at 900Mhz and 15deg at 2100Mhz
Parabolic Grid Dimensions
Length 91cm
Width 91cm
Weight 3.7kg
Windage (at 216 kmph) 476N
Mounting Pole < 10cm Pole
Feed Horn Dimensions
Length 52cm
Width 71cm
Weight 0.7kg
Connector N-Female

How & Where to Buy?

No more dropped calls or bad reception, with the remarkable new Laser antenna from StellaDoradus! Order now!

To buy the SD Parabolic Antenna, you can drop by (requires prior appointment) our store located at Novatel Communications, Main St, Buttevant, Co. Cork, P51 K066, Ireland.

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