Looking at the current progress of the modern world, we see significant milestones achieved by the continuous efforts and experiments of hundreds and thousands of researchers, developers, manufacturers, and scientists who strive endlessly to bring technology into the form that we enjoy today. Among the names of such great technology reformers, Teltonika (or TK as we refer to it internally at Novatel) holds an exceptional reputation that it earned due to its manufacturing professionalism and inspiring projects in the field of industrial network devices for IoT and M2M communication.

TK is a European-based company that not only manufactures high-quality industrial networking products according to the market needs and user’s demands but also ensures reliability, quick response, security, and convenience. It supports a team of brightest minds that is capable of working in a dynamic environment and executing complex tasks efficiently.

Teltonika Networks: Background and History

In this article, we start with a brief introduction to Teltonika Networks including its background, history, and roles. Then, we will move toward the company’s product line and explain briefly the basic features, working performance, and advantages of their various network products, manufactured by using state-of-the-art techniques and a skillful workforce.

After reading this article, you will be able to differentiate between different industrial systems that are used in network communication and get familiar with how they play their part in making a high-performance network that responds to users’ requests and provides the demanded services in no time.


What does Teltonika do?

TK is a manufacturing hub of the most innovative and professional 4G LTE Routers and Cellular Gateways that are renowned all across the globe due to their unique designs and extraordinary performance. TK manufactures a wide variety of products not limited to network switches and 3G/4G modems for the emerging Industry 4.0, Smart City, and Green Energy.

Where is Teltonika located?

It is an international company with its main headquarter situated in Vilnius, Lithuania (in the heart of Europe), and more than 20 offices located in different parts of the world, expanding from Mexico to Singapore. But, that won’t stop Teltonika’s expansion, as it is planning to expand its market further and serve as many customers as possible.


When is Teltonika founded?

The company was founded in 1998 by Arvydas Paukstys (*also the CEO of Teltonika IoT Group), who came up with the concept of creating IoT devices that could help people transform their lives and businesses completely. During the last 24 years, TK has played a major role in deploying more than 16 million IoT devices that are part of the Internet service today.

The Company’s Product Line

Teltonika supports a wide range of devices where each one is given an exclusive design and operating functions that outperform the products of other manufacturers.

For hardware-based systems, high-quality material is used which ensures the device’s durability and performance in normal as well as in extreme weather conditions.

The company’s product line includes modems, gateways, routers, switches, and Platform-as-a-Service called RMS or Remote Management System.

We have given a short explanation of each product group as follows:

  • Modems: Modems are the essential components that are used to provide reliable connections across industrial networks. This component provides low-cost and scalable methods that help you maintain stable service-providing operations and overcome the connectivity challenges that the IoT industry experiences due to poorly designed and limited-functionality products.

    What is Teltonika’s modem? Teltonika networks provide you with a range of exceptionally designed industrial cellular modems that relieves the IoT industry from the trouble of facing repeated connectivity issues by helping in deploying a smoothly connected network infrastructure. The cellular modems of Teltonika offer several cellular connectivity services including 2G/3G to 4G LTE Cat 1, LTE Cat-M1, and NB-IoT.

  • Gateways: Gateway is your main ticket to the information super-highway, it is the network component located at the network boundary, which acts as a bridge between two different networks operating with different transmission protocols. IoT networks use IoT gateways that translate the gathered sensor data from various IoT devices into sensor protocols before forwarding it to the cloud network. It is used to connect IoT devices, cloud networks, and user applications.

    What are Teltonika Gateways? TK offers a TRB series of efficiently programmed M2M gateways that connect your IoT devices with the Internet. These gateways are integrated with various interfaces including Ethernet, RS485, RS232, or Inputs/Outputs. Teltonika network’s M2M gateways are all 4G LTE capable and can easily be connected to a remote management system (RMS) from where you can easily control, configure, and monitor them remotely from any the network.

  • Router: Router is one of the most essential node of a communication network that transmits your data from the source to the desired destination by using the most efficient and reliable path.

    Having an experience of more than 2 decades, no one can provide you with a better and most competitive range of routers than Teltonika. The company manufactures a series of different routers that can be deployed in your wireless as well as wired network infrastructure. Equipped with the capability to resolve complex connectivity issues and work in a challenging environment, and are an ideal solution to connect people, network and IoT devices, and infrastructure all across the globe.

  • Switches: Switches are the network components that allow different devices to connect and exchange data packets with each other such as printers, computers, wireless access points, etc. A switch can either be in the form of a hardware device or a software-based virtual device that manages the network functions.

    Why use Teltonika network switches? Like so many other devices, Teltonika also manufactures a highly competent set of Industrial Ethernet switches that are equipped with Industrial level switching functions, secure protocols, network redundancy, reliability, and user-friendly installation and management. These switches feature several mounting options for easy and quick deployment, and network speed of up to 1000MBps, and long-lasting material strength.

  • IoT Platforms: Teltonika offers its customers easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate IoT Gateways with well-known cloud-based IoT platforms, such as; Cloud of Things, Cumulocity, Microsoft Azure, ThingWorx, (and the long list continues), that allow them to control, monitor, and configure IoT devices and other network client devices from any remote location.

    Not only that but, Teltonika also relieves you from the struggle of integrating your Routers to a cloud-based WiFi Hotspot system, by using any of their supported third-party service platforms such as; HotspotSystem, MugicCloud, Cloud4Wi, and several others.

  • RMS: RMS stands for Remote Management System, which enables you to remotely manage, control, and monitor your RMS-compatible Routers, using any device. You can use it with your Laptop/PC, Android Phone/Tablet, or iOS phones or tablets.

    Teltonika offers various remote management features and functions that you can use at your disposal, to build your IoT and network infrastructure to efficiently manage your Routers and end devices. Moreover, the RMS platform is adaptable to your industry requirements allowing you to configure and optimize your resources from a single user-friendly WebUI in a way you can meet the user’s needs and efficiently manage the devices deployed anywhere in the network.


This article provides you with a piece of brief information about Teltonika Networks. They have contributed a great deal in bringing Industrial IoT Networking products to the position where it resides today. With its brilliant workforce and inspiring leadership, Teltonika has introduced numerous uniquely designed IoT products, and efficient IoT platforms, that are capable of working in dynamic environments and overcoming challenging scenarios.

To know more about the Company, please visit https://teltonika-networks.com/.