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Model: PR5MEC11
Mount your Teltonka RUT2xx/RUT9xx routers with this PR5MEC11 Compact DIN Rail Mounting Kit. Keep your facilities organized, professional and impressive. This particular model is made of ABS + PC Plastic material, if you prefer carbon steel, then get the PR5MEC00 variant. Technical Specification ..
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Model: PR5MEC00
Mount your Teltonka RUT2xx/RUT9xx routers with this DIN Rail mounting kit. Make your installations tidy, professional, and awesome looking. This particular model is made of Low Carbon Steel material, if you prefer the lightweight ABS + PC Plastic material, then get the PR5MEC11 variant. Technical S..
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Model: PR3PREU6
Powering options for Teltonika TSW101, and other Teltonika Compatible Devices. Technical Specifications Get geeky with the technical specs below. GENERAL Input voltage 100 – 240 VAC Input frequency 50 / 60 Hz Input current 0.45 A Input conn..
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Model: PR2FK20M
The PR2FK20M power cable is a versatile and convenient accessory that allows you to power your Teltonika routers and gateways with any suitable power source. The cable has a 4-pin micro-fit connector on one end and a 4-way screw terminal on the other end. The cable is also RoHS compliant and meets ..
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Model: PR3PXUK3
The PR3PXUK3 is a reliable and versatile power supply option that you can use with your Teltonika routers. It delivers 18W of power and supports a wide range of input voltage (100-240 VAC). It has a DC 4-pin connector and a UK plug type (G). It is compatible with the following router and gateway mod..
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