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Wireless Broadband Solution
Fixed Wireless Broadband Solution For Rural & Weak Signal Areas
Fixed Wireless Broadband Solution
For Rural & Weak Signal Areas

Fixed Wireless Broadband

At Novatel Communications, we provide signal solutions for wireless broadband using repeater technology and passive antenna booster technology.

In this page, however, we tackle fixed wireless broadband using a high-gain, passive booster antenna system. If you’re looking for a repeater system solution, then go to this page.

This solution suits those who have no existing Internet connection, in case this is not what you are looking for, then probably you are looking for our WHOLE HOME WIFI SOLUTION. The whole home wifi solution suits those who have an existing internet connection and only want to distribute or expand the signal across their house/building etc. Please read further below to know more.

Fixed Wireless Broadband Solution

We supply high-performance hardware such as antennas and routers, to maxmise the potential of 3G/4G LTE signals that are available in your area from the major network operators such as Three, Vodafone, Eir, etc.

The hardware consists of Poynting High Gain LTE Outdoor Antenna with an unlocked mobile broadband modem which you would insert a sim card into - see graphic here above.

From the graphic, notice the antenna is mounted on a high point of your home (ie: roof, chimney, and the like), the cable comes into your home, connects directly to the router which has the sim card inserted, and this then offers a dedicated solution to improving mobile broadband, it serves no other purpose apart from assisting the router to gain maximum download/upload speed, consistency for your area.

There are different product options available - the price differences between products relate to differences in the hardware which has an effect on overall performance and end-user experience. Like anything, the more expensive options offer more features, they will cover the basics, and will all perform well but have different capacities to yield different performances.

Passive Antennas

High-Performance External Antenna Options - there are several more, but below, are the most common for your requirements:

4G LTE/3G Routers

All the routers that we sell are unlocked to all networks - allowing you freedom and choice.

Here are some of our biggest sellers - again price is determining the features of each:

With Mobile Broadband:

  • your ongoing service is with your chosen network
  • you can see who is broadcasting in your area here:

As mentioned you can change providers as all our products are unlocked to all networks.

We trust the above info is helpful and please feel free to contact us or email us with questions.

If you have further enquiries/clarifications, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Product Solutions

Below are just a few possible configurations and combinations (basic/typical setup for quick 4G LTE connection), you can mix and match, depending on your needs and requirements. Take note, that you can have us professionally install the system for you, in order to save time, or you do it yourself.

Reference Image: Antenna + Router Bundles 4G LTE Internet Connectivity
These are just the basic, which should be enough to satisfy most of your wireless broadband requirement. For advance users and the techies, you can mix and match depending on your specifications.

Fixed Wireless Broadband Installation in Ireland

We provide the latest LTE FIXED WIRELESS BROADBAND solutions, bringing high-speed no-wire broadband connection to your homes or small offices, not just in cities but also in rural areas using the 3G and 4G LTE networks.

Our system can give you a more reliable and fast connection, allowing you to finally enjoy the information superhighway - the Internet.

We install 4G and 5G capable Router indoors, as well as a passive Antenna outdoors, the antenna is connected via cable to the router which delivers a strong consistent signal into your home/business. Then based on who is transmitting the strongest signal in your area, we will help you identify the best sim card provider for your ongoing service.

Novatel Communications has been supplying WiFi & Broadband Solutions nationwide for over 5 years and we have thousands of satisfied customers online every day.

We offer a professional supply & installation service on all of our products. Novatel has helped homes & businesses across Ireland, especially in rural areas achieve broadband speeds that were non-existent before the introduction of our products.

We offer tailored solutions ensuring that each customer’s situation is individually assessed to provide a broadband & WiFi system that works, at a price that you can afford.

We can provide, extend and increase broadband signals no matter where you are located.

We also offer Whole Home & Whole Business Wi-Fi Solutions on your existing Internet connection regardless of who your provider is.

Get in contact with us so we can have a conversation with you to find out your location and current broadband situation, we then do a background analysis of what is available in the area, we then use our products to direct a transmitting signal into and throughout your home/business.

Our products are reliable and low-cost, you own the equipment and we can offer you a payment plan if that is what you require. No matter what the problem, we have a solution at a price you can afford.

We have a range of products that will not only help your broadband signal but it will also make your connection more reliable. You will be able to enjoy using the internet, stream TV, Movies and so much more like never before.

Our product range of fixed-wireless broadband solutions includes; Passive Antennas, WiFi Boosters, High-Speed Mobile Broadband Routers & More. Speak with us to find the perfect solution for your home or business.

We offer the following:

LTE Fixed Wireless Broadband – this is based on 4G technology and can deliver fast reliable internet nationwide.

We have a number of broadband peripheral products that can help in boosting and extending your broadband signals at home and at work.

We supply and fit high-quality antennas, high-speed broadband routers, Wi-Fi boosters, and more.

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We are experts in the area of broadband and we are retail partners of several types of broadband so based on your address we can offer you a tailored solution to your broadband needs. Call us for a FREE Desktop Survey of your location, this will allow us to determine the most suitable choice of broadband and provider for where you live.

You can use this Site Viewer tool to check the masts in your area and see what providers are on the local masts, and what signal they are giving off.

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